Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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December 1857

Ryde News Dec 1857 (150 years ago)

IW Observer

Dec 5th 1857: STEAM FERRY – Works connected with the undertaking upon our shore are resumed once more, but not with that genuine activity which characterises earnestness. Another gang of navies and other workmen have made their appearance this week after the sea had washed away the major part of the material already brought up and deposited behind the wall.

Dec 5th 1857: CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – A handbill is issued stating that the Draper’s and some other tradesmen intend to close their establishments the day after Christmas, thus giving those in their employ three continuous holidays. We are sorry to see, however, that Chemist’s and some others stand aloof, and do not co-operate in the movement as yet.

Dec 5th 1857: ESPLANADE FOOTPATH – There seems to be a fatality attending the efforts of the Commissioners in constructing the footway on the Esplanade, but it is a fatality we foresaw, and expressed, at the commencement of the undertaking.

Dec 19th 1857: DROWNED SAILOR – The body of a man, apparently about 40 years of age, and a foreign sailor, was washed ashore at Ryde in the middle of the day on Monday. It was dressed in a blue serge frock, white Guernsey frock, brown cloth trousers, plaid scarf round the waist and one earing in his ear. He was buried in Ryde Cemetery.

Dec 19th 1857: ANGLESEA TAVERN – Members of the Harmonic Society held at the Anglesea Tavern, dined together on Tuesday evening last, when an excellent substantial spread was provided, and the attendance was both numerous and respectable.

Dec 19th 1857: WEATHER – There is prospect of wet dirty weather during the forthcoming Christmas. The new moon came in with rain, the prevailing winds being from the S.W.

Dec 26th 1857: CONVEYANCE – Coaches, Steamers and trains run on Christmas day the same times as on a Sunday.