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December 1867

Isle of Wight Observer:

Dec 7th 1867:  BOROUGH QUESTION – At the monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday next, Mr. WALLIS has given notice of a motion respecting the town being made into a borough, whether it is desirable, and if the consent of the Commissioners has ever been obtained to the contemplated change.

Dec 7th 1867:  HURRICANE FUND – A good example has been set by the congregation of George-street Congregational Church, where sermons were preached on Sunday last by the Rev. G. Allan COLTART, in aid of the above fund, and a sum of £7.16s. was collected—a few gentlemen meeting at the York hotel have also forwarded a sovereign to the Mayor of Southampton for the same benevolent object.

Dec 7th 1867:  MINSTRELS – On Monday last, a company known as the Amateur Native Minstrels, gave an entertainment at the Crown Assembly-rooms, when so great was the desire on the part of the public to be present, that quite as many went away unable to obtain admission as there were actually in the rooms

Dec 7th 1867:  WEATHER – On Sunday night we had a hard frost, the wind blowing more furiously than ever.  A schooner ran into the Victoria pier, without causing herself or the pier any serious damage.  A few pleasure boats and a tow boat were sunk.  Mr. FIELD is, we hear, the greatest sufferer, this being the third boat Old Father Neptune has damaged for him.

Dec 7th 1867:  PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY – The second lecture of the session was delivered at the institution on Monday evening last, by the Rev. N. H. MCGACHEN, curate of Portsmouth.  The subject chosen was a very interesting one—“The Atlantic Cable: how it was laid down and taken up.”

Dec 14th 1867:  PAINTING – The well-known marine painter, Mr. FOWLES, has just finished a most interesting and excellent picture for Vivian A. WEBBER, esq.  The subject is the Naval Review at Spithead on the occasion of the visit of the Sultan. We congratulate both the artist, who painted the picture, and the possessor of it; each has reason to be proud of so excellent a production.

Dec 14th 1867:  LOSS OF A RYDE COLLIER – We deeply regret to hear that up to the time of our going to press no tidings whatever has been received of the missing collier, the Jane, the property of Mr. James FAIRALL, coal merchant, of Ryde.  It is feared she had gone down with all hands, the crew consisting of five persons.  She was last seen in Yarmouth Roads in a snow storm, nearly a fortnight ago.  It appears the vessel was uninsured.

Dec 21st 1867:  CHRISTMAS FARE – The Ryde tradesmen seem to have provided the substantials and delicacies in great abundance.  Butchers, grocers, poulterers, fruiterers, and all who supply the good things in this life seem to have vied with each other on this season.  The reputation of the town in this respect has been fully maintained.

Dec 21st 1867:  PUBLICHOUSE TO LET – The old established house, Royal Albert, Warwick-street, Ryde to be let, with immediate possession.—For particulars enquire at the Eagle Brewery, Ryde, or at the Royal Albert, Warwick-street, Ryde.

Dec 28th 1867:  FIRE – About 12 o’clock on Tuesday night a fire was discovered raging in Mr. ELLMAN’s the relieving officer’s stable, in cemetery-street, which was burnt down.  The cause of the fire has not been ascertained.

Dec 28th 1867:  ENTERTAINMENT – At the close of the month a grand amateur theatrical entertainment was given to about 200 of the elite of the town and neighbourhood by Gen. SLADE and family, as well as a private theatrical entertainment at Southlands, which was numerously attended.