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December 1909

Isle of Wight Observer

Dec 4th 1909: AN INCREASED FAMILY – The wife of Mr. A. MOSES of Brunswick-street, Ryde, presented him with two boys and a girl on Sunday last. All are doing well and appear quite healthy. The King’s bounty has been applied for and will no doubt be forthcoming.

Dec 4th 1909: A SPLENDID GIFT – The Pope has sent as a gift, to the Benedictine Sisterhood who occupy the Convent of St. Cecilia at Appley, the body of Saint VICTORIEN, which was found in the cataeorab of St. Callisto. Among the Sisterhood is the daughter of Duke of Palmer, Princess Adelaide de BOURBON. She is known among the community as Sister Marie Benedicte Adelaide.

Dec 4th 1909: NOTICE. PIER PAVILION RYDE – Roller Skating on the new Maple floor every weekday during the winter season. Admission tickets including Pier toll 6d., Pavilion only 4d., Gallery for non-skaters 2d. Skates can be hired at 4d. per pair.

Dec 4th 1909: RYDE’S GENEROUS SUPPORT – The annual bazaar in aid of Dr. Barnardo’s Homes was held by the two Habitations in the Town Hall on Thursday afternoon. The hall was brightly decorated with flags and graceful foliage, and the twelve stalls were loaded with an abundance of useful work and dainty trifles. The bazaar as usual was very generously supported, attendances both afternoon and evening generously representative. The net proceeds after paying all expenses amounted to £92.9s.9d.

Dec 11th 1909: FORTHCOMING EVENTS – Dec 11th Football Match at Partlands; Dec 16th Conservative Smoking Concert, Foresters Hall; Upper School Concert & Prize-giving; Operetta “The Enchanted Palace” Large Town Hall; Dec 30th Children’s Fancy Dress Carnival; Dec 31st Ball at the Town Hall in aid of the County Hospital.

Dec 11th 1909: ROYAL APPROVAL – Princess Beatrice of Battenberg has approved of a silver badge to be worn by non-commissioned officers and men of the Isle of Wight Rifles whilst in plain clothes. The badge is in silver and green enamel, and the design represents a castle surmounted by a crown and “Princess Beatrice’s” appears on the ribbon. Colonel HOBART proposes to present each recruit with one of the badges.

Dec 11th 1909: FRENCH VISIT 1910 – About 100 French visitors from Rouen will visit the Isle of Wight during Easter week and will stay at different hotels and boarding houses of Ryde. His Worship the Mayor, Mr. MAYBRICK, has retained the Town Hall for two days and will give a farewell banquet for the visitors on the Saturday.

Dec 11th 1909: LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Sir, a large proportion of the inhabitants of Ryde are more or less agitated over the coming general election, and while some consider the merits of “Tariff Reform” others are looking anxiously for “Fiery Crosses” and phenomena of like nature. Let our Town Councillors occupy themselves at once with the question of the bathing pool and other foreshore improvements, so whatever the result of the general election, the Town of Ryde will have such an attraction for next summer’s visitors, English and Continentals alike….. Yours faithfully, F. H. PARNALL, King Lud Hotel, Ryde…. Dec 8 1909.

Dec 18th 1909: LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Sir. I read with interest Mr. F. H. PARNALL’s letter, which appeared in last week’s Observer, and am thoroughly in sympathy with the proposal our Town Councillors should occupy themselves with the Bathing Pool. Our sea front is only a few hundred yards in length, but nearly a third of the houses facing it are either empty, or have caretakers in. Anything is justifiable if it will affect change for the Town’s general good. Yours etc., ….A Well-Wisher of Ryde.

Dec 18th 1909: RYDE TOWN COUNCIL – Councillor HAYDEN said that a resolution was passed three or four months since on the proposition of Mr. BARTON, that a committee be formed to consider the proposal of the purchase of the Pier. He would like to ask if the matter had been lost sight of. — The Mayor: Nothing has been done, but something very shortly will be done.

Dec 25th 1909: NEW COURT JUSTICES – We understand that on the recommendation of the Lord Lieutenant of the County, the Lord Chancellor has added Mr. Arthur ANDREWS, of Southfield, Ryde to the Commission of Peace for the County. Mr. ANDREWS many friends will congratulate him on the honour which has been conferred upon him.

Dec 25th 1909: USEFUL GIFTS PREFERRED – Among the more expensive gifts for women, manicure tables have been boomed in Shopland, this Christmastide. These somewhat useless articles stand on four slender legs, at the height of the ordinary table and the top takes the form of a square box. The tray pulls out and is fitted with every kind of necessary, and—dare we whisper it, unnecessary instruments for manicure.