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December 1918

Isle of Wight Observer:

Dec 7th 1918:  WOUNDED SOLDIERS ENTERTAINED – On Tuesday afternoon, at St. Michael’s Schoolroom, Swanmore, through the kindness of the Misses NUTT, and friends, between 40 and 50 wounded soldiers from the Hazelwood were entertained to a bountiful tea.  The schoolroom presented a gay appearance with flags and bunting. During the afternoon Mr. MELLANBY delighted the soldiers with several chic songs; there were other musical items and games.

Dec 7th 1918:  DANCE – What is termed a “Thanks-giving” Peace Dance, will take place on Tuesday next, at Trinity Hall.  Mr. J. W. TAYLOR is the M.C.

Dec 7th 1918:  MORE MEAT – Until further notice all edible offal, including tongues, kidneys, sweetbreads and skirt, may be brought without coupons.  Petrol and paraffin will be 2d. a gallon cheaper from last Monday.  Supplies of alcohol and methylated spirit are now available for industrial purposes.

Dec 7th 1918:  SUBMARINES – Two German U-boats passed through the Solent today (Wednesday) on the way to enter Portsmouth Harbour—not however as the Germans wished they should enter, but as a small part of the prize gained by the British Navy.  There will be keen desire on the part of the public to inspect them, and there is a suggestion at Portsmouth that they should sanction a small charge to the public for this.

Dec 14th 1918:  CINEMA – “On to Berlin” the greatest patriotic story of the war ever produced, was the star film, at the cosy Picture House in the High Street, for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dec 14th 1918:  OVERCOATS – With respect to an application from the Special Constables of this Borough for overcoats, the committee resolved that a tender from Messrs. HUGGINS, Son and Co. for the supply of overcoats at 66s.9d. each be accepted, and that they will be supplied to all Special Constables who will undertake to perform eight hours per week until 31st March next.

Dec 14th 1918:  ENTERTAINMENTS – The inhabitants of Ryde and district had a most enjoyable time at the Theatre Royal on Wednesday afternoon and evening, when two concerts, organised by the Nodes and Puckpool Batteries, R.G.A., were given by kind permission of Lieut. Col. D. F. NICKOLL, D.S.O, R.G.A., to packed houses both afternoon and evening, in aid of the Royal Artillery Commemoration Fund.

Dec 21st 1918:  CAROL SERVICE – An interesting programme has been arranged in connection with a carol service to be held at St. James’ Church on Sunday afternoon in aid of the National Institute for the Blind.

Dec 21st 1918:  ST. JOHN’S SCHOOL – To celebrate the breaking-up for the Christmas holidays, the scholars of St. John’s Upper School, spent a pleasant afternoon. Certificates were presented, the girls gave some excellent vocal selections. The young people also provided a band made up of various motley instruments and altogether spent a quite merry time.

Dec 21st 1918:  PROPOSED TRAIN FERRY – The prospect in the near future of a train ferry between Portsmouth and Ryde, thus improving through communication between the mainland and the Island was welcomed at the Island County Council on Thursday.  A special committee will consider suggestions for a Solent tunnel and aeroplane service.

Dec 21st 1918:  DEMOBILISATION – Cards of application for the return of men from the Army are at this office at the Town Hall, waiting for demobilisation.  It was suggested that those who wanted men urgently should apply to the commanding officers to get a month’s furlough, and perhaps by the time the furlough expired the demobilisation machinery might have got into operation.