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December 1964

Isle of Wight Times:-

Dec 3rd 1964: ROMANY FAIR – The annual Christmas sale of work on Saturday at the Salvation Army Citadel took the form of a “Romany Fair.” Stalls were fashioned to look like caravans, and the stallholders dressed in Romany costume. The net takings were £120.

Dec 10th 1964: MUSIC HALL – Despite alternative suggestions, Ryde’s Parks and Entertainments Committee is continuing with their project to hold old time music hall at the Esplanade Pavilion next summer, now that the agreement for repertory performances has expired.

Dec 10th 1964: BATHING HUTS – Because of the limited use made of the public bathing enclosure and in view of the condition of the huts there. the corporation is to close it; the sea front site may be used for private huts.

Dec 10th 1964: TRAFFIC – A suggestion to relieve traffic congestion by banning vehicles in the town centre will be considered by Ryde Public Works Committee. Cllr. Frank BAILEY said “Here is an opportunity to provide a ring road around the centre of Ryde, following the tendency of many mainland towns to keep the shopping centre free of traffic.”

Dec 10th 1964: TOO NOISY – Eighty-three residents of Apply Estate sent a petition to Ryde Corporation complaining about the noise and “other inconveniences” caused, they allege, by the Ryde-Southsea hovercraft service.

Dec 10th 1964: SONGS OF PRAISE – The B.B.C. religious programme “Songs of Praise” is to be recorded at All Saints’ Parish Church next Tuesday. Admission to the programme is by ticket only. It will be screened on Sunday, January 3 at 6.50 p.m.

Dec 17th 1964: “POP MUSIC” – With a congregation of 800, including the Mayor Ald. RAMAGE, in All Saints’ Parish Church, as a recording for the B.B.C.’s “Songs of Praise” series was nearing completion, a fault in the unit’s mobile generator exploded 24 flood-lights and the programme had to be abandoned.

Dec 17th 1964: STEAK’S OFF – If there is one thing the workmen love at Arthur’s cafe in Melville-street, Ryde, its the steak pud every Friday. Steaming and juicy, it really is like mother used to make. But last Friday a depression settled on the Melville Cafe and Steak pud was off the menu—because Arthur’s three-month old Alsation Rusty made no bones about wolfing the lot the night before, 38 portions of chopped meat.

Dec 17th 1964: CHRISTMAS PARTY – The one-year old I.W. Railway Retirement Association held its first Christmas party at the Oasis Ballroom, Ryde Esplanade on Tuesday. About 150 members attended.

Dec 17th 1964: CHRISTMAS CRACKERS – This was held at the Weston Hut, St. John’s Hill, organised by the joint committee of the 2nd Ryde Sea Scouts and 3rd Ryde Girl Guides.

Dec 23rd 1964: BUCCANEERS BUSY – Ryde Buccaneers the undisputed leaders of charity in the town, are to go from shop to shop in Ryde with a “Goods for charity” cry instead of the traditional “Money or your life.” This is one “protection racket” that the police are bound to turn a blind eye to.

Dec 23rd 1964: GOBBLING MAIL – Ryde postal sorters at the Union-street Head Office are engaged on a fowl job—dealing with 1,400 turkeys. The birds, pre-packed, are being sent to homes throughout the country by an Island poultry farm.