Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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December 1965

Isle of Wight Times:-


Dec 2nd 1965:  LEGION – At the annual conference  there was laughter and cries of “Hear, hear” when British Legion Women’s Section members were told at Ryde Town Hall last Wednesday; “We are not just a load of old women limited to walking behind flags and tea-making!” Perhaps we do not talk enough about what we do, some people think we just make tea. Tell them of the visits we make to hospitals, the help we give to widows, and the work for those who have suffered through war.


Dec 2nd 1965:  LICENCE – Ryde Borough Licensing Sessions on Thursday granted the transfer of the licence of the Pharmacy, Somerset Road, Elmfield, from a former Mayor, Ald. William SUTTON, who had retired, to Mr. G. A. H. COLE, of Cosham, who intends to sell only medicated wines.


Dec 2nd 1965:  ROWING CLUB – Instead of their customary annual dinner and dance, 60 members and guests of Ryde Rowing Club took part in a break with club tradition by attending an informal dinner-social at the Dean House Hotel on Friday. For the members it has been their most successful season ever.


Dec 2nd 1965:  FEATHERS IN THEIR CAPS – Following their recent success at Gosport where they won the “best in show” award for budgerigars, Ryde fanciers Messrs. COCKAYNE and SMITH again won the supreme award at the Fareham Show, six birds gaining five firsts and one second with an opaline sky blue cock being judged best budgerigar.


Dec 2nd 1965:  VIEWPOINT – What a get up and go society we live in. As your lights dim and power fails the continued battle between Electricity and Gas, and the thousands spent on convincing us that each is better than the other, not much of a claim these days.


Dec 2nd 1965:  OLD RYDEIANS’ – More than 150 old boys, parents, staff and friends attended Old Rydeians’ annual dinner and ball at the Hotel Ryde Castle on Friday evening, including the Mayor and Mayoress, Ald. and Mrs. William RAMAGE.


Dec 9th 1965:  RAILWAY ENTHUSIASTS – Despite the inclement weather Saturday’s “get-together” of railway enthusiasts at the hall beside the Simeon Arms Hotel, was a great success, with a good attendance. The programme opened with slides of the Ryde-Ventnor line screened by Mr. A. E. BENNETT, followed by a talk on the history of the I.W. lines given by Mr. C. WOODNUTT.


Dec 9th 1965: GOLDEN WEDDING – An Island couple who can remember when merchant ships docked at the old Ryde Quay, celebrated their golden wedding on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward James COXHEAD of “Wayne,” Marlborough Road, Ryde, were married on December 7th 1915. At a reception held at the Royal York Hotel they were presented with a radio by their relatives and guests.


Dec 9th 1965:  RAMPS – Work will start early next year on hydraulic passenger ramps at Ryde Pier which are to replace the present manually lifted wooden gangways at number three berth.


Dec 9th 1965:  BREAK-OUT AGAIN – Nikita and Valentina, the Russian bears who made national headlines during the summer with their escapes from Ryde Children’s Zoo, Appley, were out again on Monday. They were thought to have scaled a tree which was blown across the wire. A chase took place in the Appley area before they were recaptured.


Dec 16th 1965:  BY-LAWS – Ryde Borough Council have agreed that from May 1, taxis operating in the borough must display meters charging 3s. for the first 1½ miles, plus 6d. for each additional quarter-mile.


Dec 16th 1965:  CORK – Defendants appearing at the magistrates’ court may soon find themselves on the cork as well as on the carpet—consideration is being given to having the floor cork-covered.