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December 1970

Isle of Wight County Press:

Dec 5th 1970:  CUSTODIANS – British Rail granted the custody of the ship’s bell and war service plaque of the paddle steamer Ryde to Ryde unit of the Sea Cadet Corps at a ceremony on board the cross-Spithead passenger ferry m.v. Brading at Ryde pier on Sunday.  Until recently the Ryde, which will become a floating club on the river Medina, was a veteran vessel of the Portsmouth to Ryde British Rail passenger fleet.  She went into passenger service in 1937 and during the last war took part in the Normandy landings.

Dec 5th 1970:  HANDICAPPED – At a meeting of the Ryde Town Council attention was drawn to the difficulty of access to many public buildings and offices.  Handicapped people particularly found it difficult to open doors controlled by heavy springs.  It was realised that there must be proper precautions taken against risk of fire, but greater consideration should be shown for elderly and handicapped people.

Dec 5th 1970:  RIGHT OF WAY – Mr J. A. ALLEN (town council), asked if there was still a right of way down over the slope at the Hovercraft terminal for boat owners.  He had had complaints that they were not allowed to go down there.  Mr SHEPPARD (town clerk) said it might have been when a hovercraft was coming in.  It would be within reason to stop people then.

Dec 12th 1970:  CENTENARY VISIT – Alderman and Mrs W CAPLE, Mayor and Mayoress of Ryde, returned home last week, they had been special guests at the centenary celebrations of the Municipality of Ryde, New South Wales, and were also received by the mayor of Warwick, Queensland.  Alderman CAPLE said “Australia is a marvellous and wonderful country, the hospitality was overwhelming.”

Dec 12th 1970:  LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Conditions at Ryde Pier Head being what they are, I personally think that every man, woman and child wishing to travel to the Island should be given 2s. per head to encourage them to come.  Sheila …….

Dec 12th 1970:  BY VECTENSIS – I am a mere scribbler and no musician, yet I find great pleasure in listening to all forms of music, except the cacophonic contortions of some of its modern forms.  I therefore enjoyed an evening at the Ryde Town Hall on Tuesday, when the songsters of the Townswomen’s Guild from all parts of the Island gave their annual festival of carols.  The singing of the massed choirs of about 150 voices was a delight to hear.

Dec 19th 1970:  FATHER CHRISTMAS – There was a treat for patients in the children’s ward at the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital, Ryde, when Father Christmas dropped in on his way to a local store, bringing a present for each child.  Sister VOLLWELLER was in charge of the ward.

Dec 19th 1970:  PANTOMIME – Last week the Royal Isle of Wight Hospital Sports club presented the pantomime “Aladdin” at the Sports Pavilion, Adelaide Place, Ryde. Three of the principals were: Arthur WADE (Widow Twankey), Katherine MANSHIP (Princess Balroubadour) and Harry HAYLES.  Arthur WADE with Caren F. WADE produced the pantomime.

Dec 19th 1970:  SCHOOL – Secondary schoolchildren presented a Nativity play with carols before an audience of other pupils at Bishop Lovett C.E. Middle School on Wednesday in the new school hall.  The performance was repeated in the evening before an audience of over 300 parents and friends, and £13 was raised for children’s charities.

Dec 19th 1970:  CANCELLED PARTY – The threat of a power cut meant that a Christmas party for the town’s physically handicapped at the Parish Church Hall on Saturday had to be postponed.  On Monday it was decided that the postponed event would be held in March.

Dec 26th 1970:  ST. VINCENT’S – The festive season at St. Vincent’s Convalescent Home, Ryde, which is maintained by the Forces Help Society and Lord Roberts’ Workshops, began with a sherry party and a film show for the 14 residents.  Other pre-Christmas activities included the attendance of residents as guests at the Island Flower Club’s Christmas party and the Presentation Convent’s Christmas concert.