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December 1973

Isle of Wight County Press:

Dec 1st 1973:  TOP-A-TREE – Requests for trees at Appley and Puckpool to be shortened or felled for the sake of nearby beach hits were turned down by Ryde Town Council’s Parks and Entertainments Committee on Thursday week.  The thick growth of trees to the south prevents sunshine from reaching the huts.  The tenants have raised a petition asking for the trees to be cut and topped.  It seemed unfair to charge high rents and then expect people to sit in the shade.

Dec 1st 1973:  RESCUE LINE – Vandals have destroyed a vital part of Ryde’s Sea Rescue service for the fourth time in two months.  As a sequel to the tragedy in 1971, when three children were drowned off the beach within sight of holiday-makers, the Town Council decided to provide a special emergency telephone at Appley.  Because of the out-of-the-way position, hooligans have looked on the “Mayday” telephone as an easy target.

Dec 1st 1973:  SCLEROSIS SOCIETY – Warm praise for members of the I.W. Multiple Sclerosis Society came from Mr. BATEMAN, chairman of the I.W. Cheshire Home Management committee at their annual dinner at the Osborne Oasis, Ryde, on Wednesday week.  He also praised the efforts of the chairman, Mr. A. J. M. GALE, in helping the steering committee with advice and assistance.  Mr. GALE responded to the toast.  About 70 people, many in wheelchairs were present.

Dec 1st 1973:  NEW BOOK – Last week saw the publication of “Drama” the first book to be written by Mr. Noel WATKIN, headmaster of Ryde St. John’s County Primary School, who is a member of the town’s Bellevue Players.  The 11,000-word paperback, selling at 50p. contains photographs of youngsters from his school on stage and is an instruction manual for middle and primary school teachers.

Dec 8th 1973:  GAS CONVERSION – All over the country householders are having to replace, at heavy cost and without compensation, old but perfectly serviceable gas cookers because the Gas Board choose—without reference to the consumer—to switch to North Sea gas, and state they are unable to convert these older cookers.  It seems that such an expenditure inflicted by Government policy ought at least to be given an income-tax rebate.

Dec 8th 1973:  WOMEN OF THE GREEN SEE RED – Ryde women bowlers are tired of being the “second class citizens” of the Esplanade greens who are forced to make do with inferior facilities to the men although being charged the same fees.  Their secretary has written to the corporation complaining that the small room at one end of the pavilion is inadequate, and explaining that the ladies, after years of “making do,” now want a better deal.  They are seeking either an extension to the pavilion, or to be allocated part of the comparatively roomy men’s section.

Dec 8th 1973:  PARKING SWITCH – Cars must stay out of Quay Road, one of Ryde’s most popular parking places on the sea front, next summer.  The Roads Committee decided that only coaches will be allowed to use the area, although under a “show your card” scheme a few private motorists will be permitted entry for a few minutes at a time.  By allowing members of the I.W. Motor Coach Owners’ Association exclusive summer rights, the corporation will achieve something they have wanted for years—an Esplanade uncluttered by parked coaches.

Dec 8th 1973:  MORE CASH NEEDED – Seventy-four members of the Wight Locomotive Society were told at their annual meeting at the Vectis Hall, Ryde, on Saturday, that increased finance was needed to develop their steam railway established between Havenstreet and Wootton.  Mr. R. SILSBURY reported that progress had been made in a project to acquire an old carriage body which had been sited on a farm at Atherfield for many years, and it was hoped to move it to Havenstreet for use as a store.

Dec 15th 1973:  SCHOOL SITE – At a specially convened meeting, Ryde Town Council unanimously decided to adhere to views opposing outline planning for a primary school and playing field at Slade Road/Great Preston Road, Ryde.  The committee reiterated that the site was totally unsuitable.