Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 1858

Isle of Wight Observer

Feb 6th 1858: LETTER – A letter to the Editor from Mr. A. DENIZEN, of Union-street, Ryde. -“Having lived in Union-street for more than a quarter of a century, during the whole of which time I have paid town rates, I think I have some right to complain, that not a penny has been expended on this heavily burdened street.”

Feb 6th 1858: MASONIC HALL – A ball amongst the young trades people of Ryde took place at the above hall on Thursday and passed off very satisfactorily. All arrangements were comfortably made.

Feb 6th 1858: RYDE PETTY SESSIONS – Frank COTTON, a car driver, was summoned for assaulting William HARBOUR. Fined 1s. and 7/6d, costs. Paid.

Feb 6th 1858: RYDE PETTY SESSIONS – Daniel DYER 15, Thomas DYER 14, and Charles DYER 12, were brought up in custody charged with stealing a quantity of coal, the property of Mrs. BAKER, of Oakfield. Daniel DYER and Thomas DYER were committed for 14 days hard labour each, and Charles DYER was remanded for a week.

Feb 13th 1858: HAWKING – It was moved by Mr. THURLOW and seconded by Mr. FUTCHER, that the Clerk be instructed to take proceedings against all hawkers, upon sufficient information of the parties so offending, supplied by any rate payer or by the Police Authorities.

Feb 13th 1858: RYDE COMMISSIONERS – To the Highways Commission, recommendations that a tender of Mr. Thomas SIBLEY for £109 for laying down a 12 inch glazed pipe drain in the Strand road, from the Castle to the sluices, being accepted.

Feb 13th 1858: WORKING MENS READING ROOM – This excellent institution, introduced by the Rev. A. J. WADE only a fortnight ago, now numbers nearly 60 members and in connection with it there are classes formed for writing and arithmetic, and also for music.

Feb 13th 1858: PARTY – Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG entertained a large and fashionable party at Appley Towers on Thursday last, when dancing was kept up to an early hour.

Feb 27th 1858: EAGLE Hotel – The spirited proprietor of this hotel, Mr NEWMAN, instead of giving an opening dinner, he invited his friends to a harmonic meeting on Wednesday evening, and it is seldom a more numerous or respectable gathering occurs, than took place on that evening.