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February 1865

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Feb 4th 1865: STEAMER – On Monday “The Antagonist,” the steamer which formerly ran between Littlehampton and Ventnor, came upon the route between Ryde and Stokes Bay. we have not been on board her, but judging from what we saw of her size, speed, and equipment, she looks like a formidable “Antagonist” to the dilapidated craft belonging to the “United” concern.

Feb 4th 1865: HIGH TIDES – Considerable excitement prevailed on Monday when it became generally known throughout the town that the water had so far overstepped its bounds as to have caused considerable inconvenience to individuals as well as destruction to property.

Feb 4th 1865: MAIL CART – On Thursday evening as the mail was being driven from Ryde to Cowes, and when near Mrs. LOCK’s gate at Haylands, the cart was overturned and the driver thrown out. The driver was not hurt, but the mail cart sustained injury causing a long delay in the delivery of letters.

Feb 4th 1865: COMMISSIONERS – A special meeting was convened to consider an application for a lamp to be placed in Castle-street, midway between Nelson-place and Dover-street; and to affix the seal of the Board to a memorial to the Postmaster-General for increased postal accommodation.

Feb 11th 1865: PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY – at the meeting on Monday, there were several microscopes exhibited. Mr. CAREY gave an interesting account of the old instruments in use 100 years ago, with which, however imperfect they might seem to those who work with all the modern improvements, such astonishing discoveries were nevertheless made.

Feb 11th 1865: PIER STREET – We notice that the line of premises, the property of Mr. James RAYNER, upholsterer, has been pulled down, and on its site will be erected three handsome shops, from the design of Mr. F. NEWMAN, architect. In order to throw the street and approach to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club House more open to the view of our visitors, the new premises will be considerably to the rear of those just taken down.

Feb 11th 1865: NATIONAL SCHOOLS – The attention of subscribers is drawn to the increase of members in the boy’s school, where the average attendance now reaches 120, has necessitated the appointment of an assistant master. Thus an additional outlay of £40 a-year is entailed on the funds.

Feb 11th 1865: GATHERING – A large party of Naval and Military Officers dined together, by appointment, at the York Hotel, on Friday evening.

Feb 18th 1865: SUPPER – The magnificent premises now in course of erection in Union-street, which will be a great ornament to the town and we trust, to their public-spirited proprietor Mr. HUGHES, the eminent photographer, has so far advanced as to induce that gentleman to give a supper to about 50 men employed on the works, which took place at Mr. NOTTAGE’S.

Feb 25th 1865: RAILWAY – It was announced by one of the Directors, that the first brick in the Ventnor Tunnel was laid this week, and he expressed his confidence that the line will be opened throughout between Ryde and Ventnor by the 30th June.

Feb 25th 1865: FOXHOUNDS – At the meet at Whitefield on Wednesday last there were no less than 67 mounted, and a large number of carriages.