Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 1867

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Feb 2nd 1867:  OPENING OF MR YELF’S GARDEN – We see that the dilapidated stables in Church-lane are being removed, so that we presume there is now some serious thoughts of this long-talked-of improvement being affected. Of its advantages there can be no possible doubt in every respect.

Feb 2nd 1867:  ACCIDENT ON THE SANDS – It appears that the hole in which the Jane was scuttled is 72 feet long, seven yards wide, and seven feet deep.  On Saturday last a horse and cart was at work filling it in, when the horse fell into the hole, and had to be hauled out with ropes.  On Sunday a couple of cab drivers on the spree fell into the hole.  After some little alarm and inconvenience they were extricated.  It appears the hole cannot be entirely filled up till the next spring tides.

Feb 9th 1867:  NEW TOWN CLOCK – We are happy to call attention that the Commissioners are ready to receive tenders for the erection of a clock tower at the Town-hall, the plans and specifications for the same having been completed; immediately after which the clock so kindly presented by a benevolent lady for the town will be erected.

Feb 9th 1867:  RYDE DISPENSARY – Mr J. E. SCOTT, the secretary, informed the subscribers and friends of this institution that during nine months of the past year the charity had provided one hundred and seventeen of the sick and suffering poor with every necessary in the way of medical advice, medicine, cod liver oil, quinine, &c., and attendance at their own houses when the cases so required.

Feb 16th 1867:  MATRIMONY – A Major-General, retired from the Army, and possessing an income of £2,000 a-year, desires to meet with a Lady of suitable position and education, with a view to a Matrimonial Alliance.  Full information references will be given to any lady who may favour him with a communication.

Feb 16th 1867:  WANTED – A situation on the Isle of Wight as Ladies Maid. Can have four years’ and one years’ good character. The Lady is leaving England is the cause of change. Aged 24 years. Apply the Office of this Paper.

Feb 23rd 1867:  WESLEYAN BUILDING SCHEME – During the past three years the Wesleyans of the Ryde Circuit have been engaged in a noble object, which at length they have most successfully accomplished. They have built side galleries in Nelson-street Chapel, costing £220; and a neat little chapel at Binstead, costing £330.  The trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel express their entire satisfaction with the manner in which Mr. Thomas SIBLEY, the builder of the chapel and premises, has executed his contracts.

Feb 23rd 1867:  RYDE CHORAL SOCIETY – This society’s second concert for the present season was given at the Town-hall on Monday last, when, as usual, the room was well filled.  The society, numbering so many members, should never be at a loss for solo singers.

Feb 23rd 1867:  ARRIVAL OF A SEA MONSTER – On Thursday week some fishermen saw a seal clambering over the rocks at Sea View, near Ryde, and shot it.  It is very rarely that such an extraordinary mammalian is found wandering to our coasts from the cold region of the Polar Seas, where they abound.  It has been purchased to deposit in the Albert Museum at Carisbrooke Castle.  It is female of the genus Phoca Subgenera Calocephalus, of grey colour, with irregular black rings on its back.  In length 4ft. 3in.

Feb 23rd 1867:  ADVERT – The People’s Magazine, sixteen large pages of useful and entertaining reading, profusely illustrated with first-class engravings, prepared expressly for this work.  Weekly One Penny.  Sold by all newsmen.