Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 1908

Isle of Wight Times & Hampshire Gazette

Feb 6th 1908: RYDE BOROUGH BENCH – On Monday the licence of the Castle Hotel, High-street, Ryde, was temporarily transferred from Thomas F. BUTCHER to James AITKEN of the Bugle Inn, High-street.

Feb 13th 1908: RYDE TOWN COUNCIL – discussed the proposed action of the Postal Authorities to close the Post Office at 9pm instead of 10pm, which was to take effect from the 17th inst.

Feb 13th 1908: FIRE – On Friday last at 7 oclock fire broke out in the organ factory at the rear of Clausentum, Partlands Close, in the occupation of Capt. H. C. SIMS. The building which contained two organs intended for churches in Devonshire and Scotland, was completely destroyed and the organs were burnt, one completely and the other so badly damaged as to be practically useless. It is understood that horse-chestnuts that had been mixed with coal used in the building, exploded and scattered fire about the room.

Feb 13th 1908: RYDE BOROUGH BENCH – George BALLARD, a page-boy, Pier Hotel,Seaview, was summoned for throwning stones to the danger of passengers in Melville-street on 3rd Feb. Defendant pleaded guilty.

Feb 20th 1908: CHARITIES – Mrs. RYLAND’s Will discloses the fact that she has left half a million to charities, £500 of which goes to the Ryde Young Women’s Christian Association and £500 to the Hazelwood Home of Rest and Recreation for Commercial Young Men at Ryde.

Feb 27th 1908: ENTERTAINMENT – On Thursday last an excellent entertainment was given at the Baptist School-room in George-street. Mr. J. BEAZLEY R.A.M. accompanied the songs of his own composition.

Feb 27th 1908: SERIOUS ACCIDENT – William HOLLAND, carpenter, of Victoria Crescent, High-park, seriously punctured his hand with a chisel whilst working at Mr. WHITEWOOD’s yard in George-street. He tried to call on several doctors in the neighbourhood but found them out. He was later treated at the Infirmary.

Feb 27th 1908: THEATRE ROYAL – Messrs. ALBANY WARD’s Imperial Animated Pictures pay a return visit to the Theatre Royal on Wednesday.

Isle of Wight Observer

Feb 2nd 1908: OAKFIELD PARISH – A meeting to inaugurate to gather funds for the erection of a permanent parish hall for St. John’s was held in the boys school on Monday.

Feb 22nd 1908: SCHOOL – The Head Teacher of the Bettesworth-road Council Schools thank their kind donors of clothes and money, who have enabled them to relieve many deserving cases, and would like to say again that they can dispose of any kind of clothing.