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February 1920

Isle of Wight Observer:

Feb 7th 1920:  FACILITIES – It is quite evident that our Front will be a bit lively next season.  The old pavilion or shed at the entrance to the Eastern gardens is to be placed nearer the sea thus giving more room on the green, and an ugly hoarding is to be removed so that there will be a clear view of everything from the Esplanade, and there will be 40 additional huts for bathers.

Feb 7th 1920:  COMPLAINT – Ryde Profiteering Committee investigated a complaint by Mrs. C. S. BREMNER, of St. Leonards, The Strand, that Messrs. PACK and Co., had charged her 3½d. for a 50 yds reel of button thread, the proper price being 2½d….. decision: that they believed it was a bona-fide mistake and they ordered the refund of a penny.

Feb 14th 1920:  BELL RINGING – With the return of several of the bell ringers of All Saints’ from military service, including Mr. TANSON (who had been married in the meantime), some excellent practices have taken place under the direction of Mr. HATCHER, there was another capital peal rung on Saturday, which afforded great satisfaction.

Feb 14th 1920:  BILLIARDS – An interesting match between Mr. Claud FALKINER, the well-known professional, and Mr. T. S. MELLANBY may be anticipated at the Trinity Club on Friday evening the 20th, and will no doubt attract a large company.

Feb 21st 1920:  APPOINTMENT – Mr. Victor CLEMAS of the Terrace Yarmouth, has received an appointment in the telegraphists department of the Post Office at Ryde.  He was educated at Portland House Academy, Newport, where he was a good cricketer as well as an excellent student.

Feb 21st 1920:  TERRITORIAL CORPS – Amongst the corps which have been authorised in connection with the new Territorial Army are the 2nd Wessex Brigade R.F.A., 3 batteries, with headquarters at Ryde.  Men will receive Army rates of pay and separation allowance, and rations, or ration allowance.

Feb 21st 1920:  NEW BRASS LECTERN – At the service on Sunday morning at St. James’s Church the beautiful Brass Lectern just presented to the Church was used for the first time.

Feb 28th 1920:  PRESENTATION – A presentation was made on behalf of the staff of the Joint Railway Co. on Thursday to Railway Constable Richard PILE who has been engaged for many years at the Esplanade station.  The gift consisted of a malacca walking stick suitably inscribed and a fountain pen which was handed to Mr. PILE by the stationmaster, Mr. J. FRENCH.  Mr. PILE is leaving for Portsmouth.

Feb 28th 1920:  TRINITY CLUB – A very successful Whist Drive and Social took place at the Trinity Club on Thursday evening.  There were 36 tables, the duties of M.C. being ably filled by Mr. A. BROOMFIELD.

Feb 28th 1920:  ABANDONED VESSEL – Some anxiety was felt with regard to a ketch laden with gunpowder and other explosives intended for blasting purposes, which anchored off the Pier during the stormy weather some ten days ago.  It appeared that, at Ramsgate a new master and mate were engaged and came on to Ryde.  Subsequently the master was missing from the vessel and particulars were furnished to the police. The mate who came ashore to report, went to Southampton.  No one was left aboard until the Coastguard took possession.  The owners chartered a tug and the ketch proceeded to Weymouth.

Feb 28th 1920:  HANGING ABOUT – The Mayor had just a word to say about the young men who hang about the police-court on Monday mornings when they might be more usefully employed—in the Royal Air Force to wit.  No doubt a good many of them have been “fed up” with the Army and there must be very strong inducements held out to them before they will again forsake the “civies.”