Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 1962

Isle of Wight Times

Feb 1st 1962: CAT POISONER – Cat owners in Bettesworth-road, Ryde, believe someone is carrying out a cruel campaign to kill their pets. The neighbourhood has suddenly been hit by a spate of deaths and illnesses among cats, after examinations by veterinary surgeons revealed that it was attributed to a poison of the strychnine group.

Feb 1st 1962; PRIZEGIVING – Monday marked the annual prizegiving parade of the Ryde detachment I.W. area. Army Cadet Force, held at the Drill Hall, St. John’s Wood-road. Parents, friends and 30 cadets attended the occasion. Prizewinners were: Bdr. FYSON; L/Bdr. BOND; Cadet ASHWOOD; Cadet BRIDLE; Cadet POCOCK.

Feb 8th 1962: GAS SERVICE – The Southern Gas Board are reorganising some of the clerical work and the customer service service department for processing customers orders and articles for service will be absorbed into the regional service department at Therm House, Portsmouth.

Feb 8th 1962: SWANMORE TREES – The Borough Council have made a neat job of removing the aged and unsightly trees in Swanmore-road, and in doing so have, unwittingly perhaps, contributed to road safety by providing an uninterrupted view of traffic emerging from Partlands-avenue. If we are to have another boulevard, perhaps those in authority will think twice about re-planting at this part of the road.

Feb 8th 1962: LICENSING HOURS – Unanimous agreement has been reached on the application for permitted hours under the new Act. The application is to be: Weekdays 10.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm; Sundays 12 noon to 2pm and 7pm to 10.30pm.

Feb 8th 1962: 1,000 LETTERS – The Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, the Rev. Harry GIBSON has at least 1,000 letters to write to every other Holy Trinity Church in the British Isles listed in Crockford’s (the clerical ‘Who’s Who’) in his plan to stop the deterioration of the church spire, a familiar landmark on the skyline and a seamark for coastal vessels since 1845. He will explain the problem and ask for donations.

Feb 8th 1962: TELEPHONE – Subscriber trunk dialling for Ryde non-coin box subscribers is still scheduled for May this year. It is expected to be introduced at Newport and Shanklin in 1963.

Feb 8th 1962: LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Dear Sir, What is happening to St. Thomas’s Church since the death of Mr. BRIGSTOCKE, who did so much to preserve it and keep the services going? This, I believe is the oldest church in Ryde and it speaks ill for the spiritual health of the Island and the borough that the church should be left unused and its interior and furnishings deteriorating fast.

Feb 15th 1962: COUNCIL RENTS – Bad news for Ryde’s 700 council tenants, when the Borough Council approved rent increases—some as much as 6s.7d. a week extra—to take effect on Apr 2. Majority of increases will be as follows. Post-war dwellings: 3-bedroom £1.8s.2d; 2-bedroom £1.5s.6d; Flats for old people 14s.6d; bungalows for old people 19s.6d; Prefabs 1s.6d; Pre-war property rents are considerably less.. There will be weekly increases in addition for improvements.

Feb 15th 1962: TOWN CLUB – An encouraging year was reported when the annual meeting of the Town Club, Star-street, Ryde took place on Wednesday, the chair being taken by the President, Mr. F. C. FRY.. Membership now totalled 100 members, a steady increase each month.

Feb 15th 1962: REMUNERATION – Press and public were excluded when the council discussed an increase in the remuneration of the Mayor with effect from the beginning of May. It was revealed that the remuneration had been increased from £300 to £500. Said the Town Clerk, Mr. Edwin SHEPPARD: “The increase is necessary to meet the reasonable expenses of the office.”