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February 1967

Isle of Wight Times:-

Feb 9th 1967:  YOUTH CLUB DANCES – Ryde Youth Club members enjoyed a “Disco-Nite” on Friday at the club when nearly 200 dancers were present.  The club’s own disc-jockeys” Barry KEMP and Alastair WAKELEY, presented the programme.  John BARNES was in charge of the amplification equipment.

Feb 9th 1967:  CAMPAIGN – A few years ago in Columbia (S.A.) 90,000 children of pre-school age died of malnutrition every year.  As a result, the Women’s Institutes agreed that they would undertake a project under the Freedom from Hunger Campaign to establish a series of nutrition centres throughout that country for the treatment of children and the education of mothers.

Feb 9th 1967:  SPOTS OF BOTHER – The forward-looking mum can now have her child vaccinated against measles, a disease, incidentally, which affects over half a million British youngsters in an epidemic year—and 1967 is scheduled as an epidemic year!  In most cases a “one-shot” vaccine is enough to give protection.

Feb 9th 1967:  RYDE MAN – Old time dance enthusiasts Mr Ian STEEL of Ryde and Miss Edna REED of Chandlers Ford, have been chosen from 20,000 couples to dance in the Butlin National Amateur Veleta Contest at the Royal Albert Hall, London on Friday, February 24.

Feb 9th 1967:  BOROUGH BAND – For the first time, members of Ryde Borough Band have been asked to pay an annual subscription—probably one guinea.  It was decided that the organisation needs a higher income and that was the answer to their problem.

Feb 9th 1967:  CROSS COUNTRY – Fifty runners from youth organisations in the Ryde area took part in the fourth annual cross-country races on Sunday afternoon.  The events were started in summer-like sunshine from Ryde County Secondary School grounds and covered three miles for juniors (under 17) and five miles for seniors (over 17).  After the event the competitors returned to Ryde Youth Centre for tea.

Feb 16th 1967:  CAR DAMAGED – Pop star Jet HARRIS ex-member of The Shadows group, was the latest victim of car-wrecking vandals in Ryde on Monday.  He found his MG sports car, parked outside Yelf’s Hotel, Union Street, where he had spent the night, with its aerial and windscreen wipers bent.  Mr. HARRIS told a reporter “I came down here just to get away from London and this sort of thing.”

Feb 16th 1967:  FOREVER AMBER – Vehicles were held up in Whitefield Woods for a short time early yesterday when temporary traffic lights at the road works site “stuck” on yellow.

Feb 16th 1967:  CHILD GAMBLERS – While Dad’s filling in his pools coupon and Mum’s off to bingo, what is junior doing?  In Ryde, he’s quite likely to be shaking hands with a one-armed bandit or trying his luck on some other gaming machine. Now, the Borough Council and Police are worried.

Feb 16th 1967:  SLAM OF A STABLE DOOR – People who wish to build small private garages in the Quarry Road, Ryde, area, are now being told by the Borough Council that the ground is unstable.  Nevertheless, last year the council approved the development of a much larger plan, for a filling station, where excavations are causing a landslip at the rear of houses in Surrey street.

Feb 23rd 1967:  WITH A DIFFERENCE – One of the Island’s most popular pop groups, the Cherokees, have proved that not all of their kind are “illiterate morons” as their critics declare.  One member of this Ryde-based group is a draughtsman, one an electronic engineer, one a student, and one, by his own conviction, is a “self-employed recluse.”  It is because of the risk of losing their jobs, that they have not turned fully professional.

Feb 23rd 1967:  TELEPHONE – There were 6,835,618 telephone connections working in Britain on December 31 1966 and of these 68.1 per cent were on the subscriber trunk dialling system.