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February 1970

Isle of Wight Times:

Feb 5th 1970:  FLUORIDATION – Surely there can be no worthier claimant for the title of “Non-Event of 1970” than the formation of the Anti-Fluoridation Group described by a correspondent last week.  When there is so much that needs to be done in our community to help those who are less fortunate than the majority, it seems a very negative attitude to fight a measure aimed at alleviating pain and suffering in young children.

Feb 5th 1970:  HAVING FUN WITH CHOCOLATE – This was the title of a demonstration enjoyed by about 30 members of All Saints’ Churchwomen’s Fellowship on Tuesday.  Mrs. D. E. ALLDRED, of St. Lawrence, began with a short talk about the history of chocolate from the cocoa-bean stage and went on to describe the manufacture of Easter eggs, sweets and chocolate novelties.

Feb 5th 1970:  CLOSES – Havenstreet School is to be closed in July, it was decided at Monday’s meeting of the County Education Committee.  Village children will be transferred to other schools in Ryde and transport provided for those under eight years old.

Feb 5th 1970:  FIRE HAZARD – It is only a matter of time before a fire engine answering a 999 call is unable to squeeze between the lines of cars which regularly park along the narrow street serving the Ryde headquarters.  The warning came on Monday night in a letter from the I.W. Fire and Ambulance Service.

Feb 12th 1970:  NEEDS HELPERS – Ryde’s various organisations were given an open invitation on Friday night to appoint associate members to Ryde Carnival Association, which badly needs more support—both financially and in the form of practical help.

Feb 12th 1970:  PELL ESTATE PLEA – Ryde Roads Committee received two petitions from local residents—one requesting more traffic and one less.  The first came from 89 residents of the private Pell Estate, Binstead, which flanks the Borough Council’s largest housing estate.  Their request was for a bus service in view of the growth of the area. The second petition, from Bank Gardens (in the town centre, a cul de sac off the High Street) bore 23 signatures and asked for a provision of a parking restriction.

Feb 12th 1970:  CAR PARK PROBLEM – Ryde Council members have been annoyed at the way some motorists park out of line in the town’s central car park at George Street.  Drivers could return to find a hard-to-remove warning sticker on the windscreen.  If this is ignored prosecution could follow.  The lick-and-stick could “frighten-off” offenders without such action.

Feb 12th 1970:  TAKE A SQUINT AT – The “eyes” had it at Ryde on Tuesday—a quick check-up, that is, at a mobile “vision screening unit in Union Street.  A steady stream of people throughout the day took advantage of a quick check-up to discover whether their sight was up to standard.

Feb 12th 1970:  TAXI DRIVERS – Some Ryde taxi drivers are, said Clr. Roy HOLL’S last year, “Like the Pirates of Penzance.”  If what some of the borough’s teenagers tell me is true, piracy seems a pretty fair description of a racket now being worked on Saturday nights.  When youngsters approached the rank at 11.45 pm. they have been told to wait until after midnight, when entitled to charge double the normal fare.

Feb 12th 1970:  FLAT OUT – Mrs. P. HAYDEN, of Surrey Street, had a busy time on Tuesday afternoon making Scotch pancakes for Holy Trinity Church “pancake social.”  There was a record attendance of over 80 people at the church hall.  Entertainment included a puppet show, a play, camp fire songs by the Scouts and Guides, piano solos, games and dancing, also refreshments. A profit of £3 was donated to the Stonework fund.

Feb 26th 1970:  PIER TRAM – The Ryde Pier tramcar purchased by the I.W. Vintage Transport Group last year was moved from the Esplanade Station and transported to Newport on Saturday night by members of the Wight Locomotive Society.  Although response to an appeal for donations was good, difficulties were experienced in removing the vehicle because of weight restrictions on the pier.