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February 1974

Isle of Wight County Press:

Feb 2nd 1974:  SUBSIDY – The Island is to receive £228,000 this year as its share of the Government’s £81m. grant to British Rail for unremunerative rail passenger services. Also announced was a reprieve for a number of lines at least until 1975 when the situation would be reviewed again.

Feb 2nd 1974:  PILOT SPOTS FIRE – Fire appliances from Ryde and Newport attended a fire at the Halland Hotel, Seaview, which is in the process of demolition.  The fire was spotted by the pilot of an aircraft on Thursday evening.  Severe damage was caused to the basement and three floors.

Feb 2nd 1974:  CHARITY SHOP – Ryde St. John Ambulance Unit helpers have opened a charity shop in the Rock Shop, Union Street, to aid headquarters funds.  On sale are items of clothing and general household “odds and ends,” all of which have been donated by the public.

Feb 9th 1974:  BUS FARES – The Southern Vectis Omnibus Company had written to the council stating that they are applying for an increase of 1p on bus fares up to 19p, and 2p on fares of 20p or more.  Increases were also being sought on coach and rover tickets.

Feb 9th 1974:  HEALTH – The Medical Officer of Health, in his report said, “Rubella, or German Measles, as it is called, is not notifiable, but is more dangerous than ordinary measles in view of the possible effects when contracted in early pregnancy,” Dr. QUANTRILL stated “it is unfortunate that more young females in Ryde are not being protected, the appropriate immunisation is available from the family doctors.”

Feb 16th 1974:  MORE MONEY – Ryde Council recently completed a modernisation scheme for their Bettesworth Road properties and rated it was one of the most ambitious “facelifts” since the war.  But now tenants there are asking for money to buy new furnishings such as curtains to match alterations made to the windows.  Removal costs to and from temporary accommodation have already been paid.

Feb 16th 1974:  GALES BATTER THE ISLAND – There were some narrow escapes in various parts of the Island when trees crashed down during the recent gales. Wind measuring instruments recorded steady 70 m.p.h. winds gusting to 100 m.p.h. and more.  Half of the Ryde area was without electricity early on Monday morning. A train struck a tree that had fallen across the line and the cab was damaged.  The driver Mr. SAUNDERS, of Ryde, was unhurt.

Feb 16th 1974:  RAIDERS – Smash and grab raiders escaped with rings valued at £1048.50 from Bernard Mitchell, Ltd., jewellers, 60 Union Street, Ryde, on Monday night.  Breaking the glass, they reached through a small gap under the security grill and stole three pads of rings.—36 gold signet rings, and 25 ladies’ dress rings.

Feb 16th 1974:  DON’T TOUCH – A warning to members of the public not to touch drums washed up on Island beaches came from the public health inspector.  Ten drums of chemical washed ashore were collected from the R.D.C. for disposal by a mainland firm on Tuesday, some of them contained acid.

Feb 16th 1974:  SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES – Ryde Area Youth Leaders’ Committee arranged the first and successful event at the youth centre on Thursday week. Mr. A MOORE, chairman, was M.C., and young people from various youth organisations in the town entertained with singing, instrument playing, acting and dancing.

Feb 23rd 1974:  RESCUED FROM TREE – Ryde firemen were called out to rescue a boy from a tree, when seven-year-old Craig ANDERSON was trapped on a branch 15ft above the pavement in Upper Highland Road, Ryde.  It was Craig’s love of animals that caused his plight.  He heard a cat mewing from the tree, and was soon climbing up to rescue it, but it scampered down the tree with no trouble at all, leaving Craig stranded.