Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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January 1857

Isle of Wight Observer

Jan 3rd 1857: NEW YEAR – The bells of St. Marie rang a merry peal as an adieu to the old year and a welcome to the new, and this formed the only public demonstration of the season. Of course there was the usual praying, singing and dancing at chapels and taverns, according to the convictions, tastes or habits, of the various classes and conditions of men.

Jan 10th 1857: THANKS – Mr. J. G. JONES (late Band Master 16th Queens Lancers), respectfully thanks his patrons for their kind support and begs to inform them of his new stock of Superior Pianofortes. 78 Union-street, Ryde.

Jan 17th 1857: ST. JOHN’S PARK – This great addition to the environs of Ryde is now assuming a very nice appearance; evergreens and flowering shrubs are thriving most luxuriously. Several sites are taken on building leases and villas are in the course of being erected.

Jan 17th 1857: RECENT STORMS – The severe gales of the past fortnight have been productive of a little damage to the boats on our shore.

Jan 17th 1857: IMPROVEMENTS – We are glad to see that the town surveyor is at last paying attention to the streets, and effecting great improvements. Crossings and gutters are being laid down where desired, and raised footpaths made where the traffic does not require pavements.

Jan 17th 1857: ESPLANADE LAMPS – The resolution of the Board of Ryde Commissioners of 18th March last, ordering two columns with three lamps each, was revoked.