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January 1922

Isle of Wight Observer:

Jan 7th 1922: NEW YEAR DANCE – A Cinderella Dance arranged by Mr. A. J. WILLIAMS T.C., took place at Trinity Hall on New Year’s Eve.  About 100 dancers were present and an enjoyable time was spent dancing the old year out. The company dispersed at midnight with the singing of Auld Lang Syne.  The dance music was supplied by Mr. REEKE.

Jan 7th 1922:  ENTERTAINMENT – A capital programme was submitted at a special entertainment at Mount House Hall, George-street, on Tuesday evening, in aid of the County Hospital.  There was a good attendance and the items comprised selections by the orchestra, songs by the Rev. H. D. CAESAR, Miss JONES, Miss CARLEY, and Mr. Jack FRAY, the latter’s humourous contributions being encored.

Jan 14th 1922:  RATCLIFFE AVENUE – This footway being in a dangerous condition owing to the displacement by the trees of many of the paving stones the Borough Surveyor was authorised to take up the stones and to relay one course only instead of two as at present.

Jan 14th 1922:  MOTOR STEAM WAGON – A letter has been received from the Clerk to the County Council, forwarding copy of a notification from the Ministry of Transport that they had granted the sum of £446 towards the cost of the purchase of the motor steam wagon and street watering tank.

Jan 14th 1922:  POOR CHILDREN’S PARTY – A happy sequel to the Xmastide efforts of the Ryde Carol Troupe was witnessed on Saturday last, when a highly successful party was provided by the funds collected, to some 60 to 70 poor children of the town.  ‘Father Christmas’ handed each dolls, games, sweets, &c.  As they left, fruit was distributed to them.  The Mission Hall, Prince-street was kindly placed at their disposal.

Jan 14th 1922:  TRINITY MEMORIAL – A faculty has been granted for the erection of a side chapel with altar as a War Memorial and the removal of four tablets and a window from the south to the north wall of the church.

Jan 21st 1922:  SHELL FROM VIMY RIDGE – A four-inch shell, found on Vimy ridge, has been presented to Holy Trinity Memorial Chapel by Miss MADDOCK, of Ventnor.

Jan 21st 1922:  THEATRE – A gentleman was asked in Union-street the other morning what he was searching for and he made the astonishing reply that he was looking for “Monkey’s Paw.”  Then it appeared that a playlet of this title will form a portion of the triple bill to be presented at the Theatre Royal on February 7th.  The funds raised will be in aid of the County Hospital.

Jan 28th 1922:  INDEPENDENT – General FETHERSTONHAUGH C.B., is a gentleman who can afford at all times to take an independent view of things and see that he is not at the beck and call of any sect or party.  It was not long ago he put on his hat in the middle of a speech about the alleged cruelty of pigeon shooting and walked out of the room telling the speaker he was talking a pack of nonsense or something of the kind.

Jan 28th 1922:  FRIENDLY BILLIARDS – A billiard match of six a side took place at the Conservative Club, Lind-street, on Thursday evening, between members of that club and half a dozen players from the Seaview Conservative Club.  The points were 100 up, and the visitors proved easy winners by securing five out of the six cases.

Jan 28th 1922:  NEXT SUMMER – Military bands will be much in request on the South Coast next summer and at Worthing a 20 weeks band season is being arranged.  Ryde it is pretty safe to assume, will not undertake a feature of that kind again, at least not until it gets its new pavilion.  When now never.