Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 1873

Hampshire advertiser: Agent: Mr. H. N. MILLS, Royal Marine Library, Union-street, Ryde

July 5th 1873: PINEAPPLES – About 800 pineapples, recovered from the sea and part of the cargo of the Sisters, a vessel wrecked last week at Atherfield, were sold by auction on Tuesday. They fetched about 8d each.

July 12th 1873:  HAWKING- The mayor read a letter from Mr REDMAN and other tradesmen complaining that the hawking of fruit and vegetables was becoming more serious every day and requesting the council to put the provisions of the Act in force for stopping it. This gave rise to a lengthened discussion, which ended in the matter being referred to the General Purposes Committee, no tickets to be issued in the meantime, except to residents in the Island.

July 16th 1873:  LICENSES – Mr. CANDY of the Crown Hotel, applied for an extension of an hour during the summer season of the Theatre, commencing that evening.—Mr. BARNETT, manager for Mr. SEFTON, stated that it was customary for the magistrates in all places where they were to extend the time for houses near the Theatre.—Granted for one month.

July 19th 1873:  TOWN REGATTA – A public meeting of the inhabitants, convened by requisition of the Mayor, was held on Wednesday afternoon, at the Town-hall, for the purpose of making the necessary arrangements for carrying out the Ryde Royal Regatta as heretofore.  There was a numerous attendance. It was proposed and carried unanimously that the town regatta be held on Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th and 11th September.

July 19th 1873:  SUNDAY SCHOOLS – The children of the George-street Sunday Schools had their annual treat, on Wednesday afternoon, in the beautiful grounds of Apley, kindly lent for the purpose by Mr. N. CLAYTON.  The juveniles enjoyed themselves, and returned home highly delighted with their day’s outing.

July 19th 1873:  ACCIDENT – A little boy, named ALLEN, was turning a mangle at a house in Upper West-street, on Wednesday, when his arm was caught in the machine, and broken.

July 23rd 1873:  RYDE PETTY SESSIONS – Charles BESWICK was brought up on a charge of being drunk and disorderly on the night of the 14th. Police-constable MARTIN was on duty on the Esplanade, when he heard a great disturbance in Pier-street. On arriving there he found defendant and an Artilleryman fighting, with a crowd of people around them.—Fined 10s. and costs, or fourteen days’ hard labour.

July 26th 1873:  PLYMOUTH BRETHREN – About 600 of this body of religionists from all parts of the kingdom have been holding a conference during the past week at the Victoria Rooms, which is likely to last some days longer.

July 26th 1873:  RYDE SCHOOLS – The increase in the numbers of the girls’ school has also necessitated the engagement of an additional pupil teacher in that department, at an additional expense of £8 per annum.  There was a very serious falling off in the amount of subscriptions during the past year, the amount collected being only £41 12s 6d.

July 26th 1873:  ST. MARY’S CHURCH – Since the Rev. W. BARKER has become the incumbent of this church an endeavour has been made to improve the character of the musical part of the services.  The choir has received an augmentation in numbers, and a new organist has been engaged.  It was, however, felt that, as soon as it could be done, a new organ must be obtained.

July 30th 1873:  FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – General OGLE has taken the Cedars, St. John’s Park, for twelve months;  Mr. A. H. CHAMPAGNÉ and family have taken Ryde House for the season;  Mr. and Mrs. Alexander BUCKLER have arrived at Temple House, George-street.