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July 1913

Isle of Wight Observer:-

July 12th 1913: RETIREMENT – Very many people will miss Samuel BIGGS from the Pier. For something like 60 years he has been in the employ of the Pier Company, and at last, after a lifetime of faithful service he is retiring into private life. Very few people can remember the Pier without Mr. BIGGS. A gentleman, no longer young, said “Dear me, BIGGS, you were here when I was a boy, only you look younger now.”

July 12th 1913: SAND – Anyone who has visited the sea front at Ryde must have been struck by the amount of sand which has accumulated along the shore from the Victoria Pier to Appley. Not since the Sea Wall has been there has there been so much sand.

July 12th 1913: DEATH IN CANADA – Mr. Charles EDMUNDS, a promising young man formerly of Daniel-street, and an employee of the Corporation, left Ryde in company with Mr. Bert VESEY, on 12th June for Canada. They arrived at Toronto on the 25th and on the 26th Mr. EDMUNDS secured work. On the 27th he was walking through the street, when he received sun stroke, to which he succumbed within an hour.

July 12th 1913: AERIAL – Aeroplanes will soon become “common objects of the sea shore” to dwellers in Ryde. Every week sees a number of these aerial visitors, some of which drop into the water and permit of closer inspection. The ease with which they are manœuvred suggests the inauguration of an aerial service to Portsmouth as an alternative to the Solent Tunnel.

July 12th 1913: PRIMROSE LEAGUE – At the annual meeting Mrs. BOYCE in her address, asked all league members to remember the objects of the Primrose League, which were to uphold the unity of the Empire, to support their religion and to see that the liberty of the people was respected.

July 19th 1913: TOURNAMENT – It is to be hoped that the weather next week will be more settled for one of the most important events of the season. The Ryde Open Lawn Tennis Tournament commences on Monday.

July 19th 1913: CONCERTS – The resumption of the band concerts on the Western Esplanade is giving great satisfaction. It is difficult to arrange a programme which does not cause grumbling. If the music is of a high order people complain it is dull, while if the music is popular, others sneer at it. Undoubtedly one can have too much rag-time after hearing it whistled by boys.

July 19th 1913: NATIONAL RESERVE – A very large muster of the N. Eastern Division of the National Reserve force was present at the Lawn, Spencer-road, on Thursday evening, when an instructional drill was given. The Ambulance Corps under Mr. TURTLE were also in full muster.

July 19th 1913: BOWLING – Favoured by the weather, the Ryde Bowling Club played off the team matches for the “Capel Morris” Cup, which was to be held by the winner of all matches.

July 19th 1913: WAGES – Employees on the vessels of the I.W. Steampacket Company may be congratulated on the advance of wages granted to them. Certificated mates receive an advance of one shilling an hour, and other grades will receive generous advances, especially on the excursion boats where the men work very many hours.