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July 1914

Isle of Wight Observer:-

July 4th 1914: OUTING – The Police and Fire Brigade outing on Tuesday was rendered a little more exciting than it otherwise would have been, owing to the motor char-a-banc catching fire. There was a certain fitness about the mishap, seeing that the Ryde firemen were aboard at the time.

July 4th 1914: ALEXANDRA DAY – Mrs. Archibald CLARK, of Thornbrough, Ryde, regrets she is not feeling well enough to undertake “Alexandra Day” this year, but feels sure it will be a great success in someone else’s hands.

July 4th 1914: MOTOR TRAFFIC – The rapidity with which mechanical traction is displacing the horse, even in the Isle of Wight, is rather alarming to those interested in seeing the breeding of horses kept up. In a few years, if the present rate of increase of motor traffic is maintained, there will not be a horse left, except for sporting purposes.

July 4th 1914: WANTED – Two respectable girls. Good references essential. Apply.–The Ryde Toy Shop, 6/7 St. Thomas’ Square.

July 11th 1914: MOTHER – The wrath of an anxious mother is an awkward thing to encounter. Some excited words were heard the other evening and it was fortunate that the lady’s umbrella was not put to improper use.

July 11th 1914: KING’S COLOUR – A movement is on foot to provide the National Reserve of the Island with a King’s Colour, similar to those which have been presented to Reserve Battalions in other parts of the country.

July 11th 1914: GOLF – The monthly Bogey Competition of the Royal Isle of Wight Golf Club, was won by Mr. DERRICK, his score being 87, hop. 10, nett 77.

July 11th 1914: ROYAL VISITORS – The Duchess of Parma, mother of Princess Zita of Bourbon Parma, consort of the Archduke Francis-Joseph, heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungary is staying incog. as the Countess de Sala, at Wight Hall Private Hotel, Ryde, with a party of fourteen members of the family.

July 18th 1914: WHIRLWIND AT RYDE – The wind oft-times plays peculiar tricks. An instance was observed at the refuse tip at Ashey. A slight whirlwind came across the yard, taking up all minor articles in its path. Two bundles of straw were moved and sheets of newspaper were lifted a hundred feet or so in the air.

July 18th 1914: SEA WALL – The residents of Seaview and district will note with satisfaction that Sir Hedworth WILLIAMSON, Bart., owner of Appley Hall, is repairing the breach in the Seawall, between Ryde and Springvale.

July 18th 1914: COTTAGE FIRE – A small fire which broke out at No. 24 Brunswick-street, owned by Miss BULSTRODE, of Argyle-street, was promptly extinguished by the Fire Brigade. Furniture was damaged to the extent of £4. The fire appears to have been caused by Mrs. DUNNING, the occupant, upsetting a candle, which ignited the window curtains.

July 18th 1914: NEW CONSTABLES – Arthur William DEBENHAM and Ernest WARE, were on Monday, at the Borough Bench, sworn in to act as constables in the Borough Force.