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July 1920

Isle of Wight Observer:

July 3rd 1920:  MUSIC AND DANCING – Application was made at the Police-court on Monday, by the Manager of the Royal Esplanade Hotel, for a music and dancing license for the ball-room or what was the ancient billiard room, it being required for dances for the guests and a small orchestra.  There was no objection and the application was granted.

July 3rd 1920:  BOWLING GREEN – The new bowling green opened on Thursday in a real damper. The little ceremony in the pavilion whither the players and their friends were invited by Alderman John I.  BARTON was very pleasant.  Mr. Martin HERBERT, the caterer, made excellent arrangements.  The tea consisted of an ample supply of tea, strawberries, cakes, and ices which connoisseurs said were the “real thing.”

July 3rd 1920:  ENTERTAINMENT – The opinion has been expressed that there is not sufficient dancing in the local entertainments now being given.  True, there are no professional lady dancers but the programmes are sufficiently varied without a “high-kicking” display.

July 10th 1920:  OFF THE LINE – As the result of breaking an axle, a train arriving at St. John’s Road station on Saturday was derailed.  Naturally some alarm was caused amongst the passengers but no personal injury was sustained.

July 10th 1920:  THOUGHT READER – Mr. Alfred CAPPER, the well-known thought reader, will give his unique entertainment at the town Hall, Ryde, on the afternoon and evening of Friday July 23rd.  The performances will be anti-spiritualistic, and will comprise experiments in Thought Transmission and other mysterious phenomens as given by him at Windsor Castle and throughout the world.

July 17th 1920:  BIG CONGER EELS – Whilst fishing from a boat at Stourbridge buoy on Wednesday, Mr. TURTLE of the Royal Eagle Hotel, and Mr. SHARPE (Messrs. Godfreys) managed to secure a magnificent conger eel, which scaled 21 lbs.  Early on Friday morning Mr. SHEPHERD, night watchman on the Pier hooked a conger weighing 14 lbs.  Line fishing from the Pier has been fairly successful.

July 17th 1920:  A NOTED SWIMMER – Mrs. Arthur HAMILTON, sister-in-law of Lieut.-Col. J. F. C. HAMILTON, J.P., has begun training for her attempt to swim the Channel.

July 17th 1920:  DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION – The annual meeting of the Ryde Nursing Association, which is affiliated with Queen Victorias Jubilee Institute for Nurses, will be held at the Small Town Hall on Monday the 19th at 3p.m. the Mayor (Ald. W. H. P. F. THIRKELL) presiding.

July 17th 1920:  WEATHER – The water carts made quite a brave show in the town on Thursday morning and bid defiance to St. Swithin who gave way to Old Sol about noon and cheered the hearts of everyone not forgetting the “Tiny Tots” who had their outing.

July 17th 1920:  RECREATION GROUND – There is no doubt that a Recreation Ground for children is a great necessity, it is a shame that the young people have been for so long denied one.  The old ground in Simeon Street, though never a credit to the Borough, answered the purpose to some extent, especially before part of it was claimed for building.  Could we follow Bournemouth’s example and have a “Children’s Corner near the sea.”

July 24th 1920:  CENSUS – A letter from the Registrar General stated that preliminary arrangements had been made for the census in the early part of next year and asked that attention should be given to the naming and numbering of streets to assist the work of the enumerators.  Ryde will not have much trouble in this respect but in some of the outlying parishes street nomenclature needs attention.