Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 1963

Isle of Wight Times:-

July 4th 1963: ST. DUNSTAN’S – Three hundred who lost their sight in two world wars yesterday made a trip from the St. Dunstan’s Home at Brighton, to Ryde. It was a big-hearted effort by the grocers of Brighton and the Island which was behind the outing. They were welcomed at the Town Hall and given a lavish tea. Each received a parcel of groceries from the hosts before returning.

July 4th 1963: AIR CADETS – The cadets of No. 1024 (I.W.) Squadron Air Training Corps enjoyed their first spell of flying this year in Chipmunk aircraft of No. 2 Air Experience Flight Hamble, at Sandown Airport on Sunday morning.

July 4th 1963: TENNIS CLUB – Ryde Mead Lawn Tennis Club on Sunday held their championship finals. Some fine play, in good weather, was witnessed by a large gathering of spectators. The new ladies’ singles champion is Miss Wendy BURROWS and the mens singles champion is C. WEEKS.

July 4th 1963: SOLENT FORTS FOR SALE – In response to an approach by the Island branch of the National Trust concerning the possible acquisition of St. Helens Fort, the War Office stated that all the Solent forts will probably be offered for sale early in the autumn in accordance with the disposal of surplus property, in order that interested parties may have an opportunity to bid.

July 4th 1963: ‘COPTER RESCUE – A sailing adventure by two 16 year-old sea cadets ended in a helicopter rescue. The boys Clifford NYE and Stewart NORWOOD became stranded on mud flats at Lepe beach. A helicopter from R.A.F. Tangmere was quickly on the scene and flew the boys back to Binstead. The boys were none the worse for what happened and they did not panic.

July 11th 1963: TRADESMEN – Some Ryde tradespeople, notably fruiterers and greengrocers, are avoiding causing traffic jams by unloading goods in the central car park at George-street. This unorthodox use of the car park was in a report of the Public Works Committee.

July 11th 1963: REPERTORY – There is nothing quite like trying to live in a manner to which you’re unaccustomed–the big attraction of hire purchase, the “never never.” This was the theme of the successful slick comedy, “Love on the Never Never,” at the Esplanade Pavilion last night.

July 11th 1963: BALLOON RACES – Ryde Army Cadet’s Parents and Friends Association have been given permission to hold balloon races from the small green on the Eastern Esplanade twice a week during July and August.

July 11th 1963: CARNIVAL – Pouring rain forced Binstead Carnival organisers to postpone a parade from Saturday to Tuesday, but the fete went on as planned in the Institute Hall. Tuesday’s parade was led by Miss Julie UPTON mounted on a horse, followed by floats and the 1st Newport Scout Band.

July 11th 1963: INCREASING FARES – Cllr. John DORAN declared “I think the people of this Island are getting rather tired of the increases in fares by the Southern Vectis Omnibus Company Ltd. which are now becoming so rapid that it is difficult to keep pace with them.”

July 11th 1963: NOTICE SERVED – A notice under the Noise Abatement Act has been served by the council on the Flamingo Club, Ryde, requiring that work be carried out to remedy certain defects.

July 11th 1963: LICENCE – A pleasure boat licence has been granted to M. OAKHAM, Ryde: eight motor boats, 10 rowing boats, two boatmen.