Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 1965

Isle of Wight Times:-

Jul 8th 1965: CLUES – In a clearing in a copse beside the main Ryde-Newport Road at Quarr something stirred. It was P.C. John OAKLEY of Binstead, sorting through lots of old rubbish for clues to who left it there. There was a lot of private correspondence which were torn into small pieces. P.C. OAKLEY told Ryde Borough Magistrates that through these he managed to trace the defendant.

Jul 8th 1965: CLATTER OF TINY FEET – Little Julia HISCOCK, daughter of Sheila HISCOCK, of Church-road, Binstead, dressed as a “Tulip Girl” and wearing Dutch clogs, clip-clopped to receive first prize in the girls’ under five class at Binstead Scouts’ annual carnival held at the Rest Garden.

Jul 8th 1965: FLOWER CLUB – The Isle of Wight Flower Club held their third annual summer exhibition at the Town Hall, which was transformed into a blaze of colour by the 60 exhibits. Proceeds of the exhibition were in aid of the Ryde Group of the Friends of the Deaf. About £25 was realised.

Jul 8th 1965: IN THE DARK – For leaving cars without lights at night, three men pleaded guilty before the County Magistrates on Tuesday, each was fined £4.

Jul 8th 1965: BEWARE THOSE ADS – Some jobs advertised for school leavers are attractive only on the surface—on the surface of glossy magazines and brochures. Do not be tempted to go for the job which just offers the best money.

Jul 8th 1965: COACH TOUR – On Thursday, Silver Chords members enjoyed an evening tour to Blackgang. Arrangements were made by Mrs. HINDYELF and Mrs. MILLS.

Jul 15th 1965: SPLASH – Fourteen pupils gave a display in the Ryde St. John’s County Junior swimming pool, under the direction of a member of the staff, Mr. N. WATKIN, to climax a worthy effort by parents, staff and children, who raised £250 towards the total of £600 needed to pay for the pool.

Jul 15th 1965: WOMENS INSTITUTE – With over 19 years service as a beefeater at the Tower of London, Mr. E. GUYON of Northwood, gave an interesting talk to Haylands W.I. at their July meeting.

Jul 22nd 1965: LITTLE BOY BLUE – Steven, the 13 year-old for whom Portsmouth police had searched for two days, was found on Saturday night on Ryde pier. Clad in a blue jersey and jeans, left his home in Southsea on Thursday with £5 and 20 Long-playing records and was not seen again until a policeman spotted him on the pier. It was the third time the boy had left home, previously being brought back from Bognor and London.

Jul 22nd 1965: POLICE SEEK 007 – An 007 “James Bond” novelty hat was one of the articles stolen by raiders who broke into Lyons Maid Appley Kiosk, Ryde, during Monday night. They got in by forcing a hatchway, and also stole confectionery, drinks and two kites worth about £4.10s.

Jul 22nd 1965: LITTLE ZOO – Mr. F. Vernon WINKWORTH, proprietor of Ryde “Pets’ Corner and Little Zoo” at Appley, whose tenancy expires on December 31, told the I.W. Times this week: “I have had no complaints from visitors at the end of the year. Mr. WINKWORTH who has run the “Pets Corner” for five years has been invited by another South Coast resort to open a similar attraction.

Jul 29th 1965: OUT TO SEA – Warning maroons brought Ryde Sea Rescue Service men rushing to the pier on Sunday afternoon after a boy on an air-bed was spotted drifting out to sea. Before they were able to launch a boat, however, the youth had drifted beneath the pier where he managed to pull himself along the stanchions to shore. Then he walked off, unidentified.

Jul 29th 1965: LOOKING FOR AN ACCIDENT? – Under the mistaken impression that there had been an accident behind him as he approached a bend in a mini-van, a young man glanced behind him—and crashed into a lamp standard. Ryde Borough Magistrates fined him £10 for driving without due care and attention.