Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 1967

July 6th 1967:  POLICEMEN – Thanks to the Island’s police, the exhausting job of keeping the traffic moving with the minimum of delay at the Industries Fair, was accomplished with deceptive ease.  In weather which fluctuated from driving rain to sweltering heat, they did their job in an efficient and polite manner.

July 6th 1967:  BY GUM, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT – The Colegate ring of confidence spread through the house when Mrs. SMITH of Prince Street, Ryde, received an envelope from the firm boldly stamped “First prizewinner.” She had sent in her entry for a word competition, in which the first prize was £17,000.  The taste of success turned bitter, for a letter explained that the small fortune had to be shared with some other 191,347 prizewinners. Also enclosed was a postal order for her winnings—1s.9d.

July 6th 1967:  SUCCESSFUL TO BOOT – A recent competition organised by trade journal “Shoe and Leather News” attracted nation-wide entries in an effort to find the best shoe salesman and shoe saleswoman in the country.  Two young ladies on the staff of A. JONES and Sons, 59 Union Street, Ryde, won major national awards showing great knowledge of shoe-fitting, shoe-making and materials.

July 13th 1967:  INN OUTING – Visiting Sandown races on Saturday, were 37 regulars of the Oakfield Inn.  The trip was organised by the landlord, Mr. Len SIVIER.

July 13th 1967:  TRAFFIC LIGHTS – Because of the installation of traffic lights at the junction of Ryde High Street with Green Street and St. John’s Road, the High Street is to be closed to traffic from one o’clock today (Thursday) until 8 a.m. tomorrow.

July 13th 1967:  HOMES FOR ELDERLY LONDONERS – The Housing Committee considered an inquiry from the Greater London Council which wished to provide 20 to 40 suitable dwellings in coastal areas in order to house elderly tenants, thus freeing houses in London for family use.  It was understood that a suitable sight might be available and the Council agreed subject to a satisfactory settlement of all details.

July 13th 1967:  QUAY ROAD – The Council are to make an approach to the Ministry of Transport in a further effort to secure an access to Quay Road from the Esplanade railway station, thus encouraging coach parking at Quay Road without inconvenience to passengers wishing to reach the Pier.

July 13th 1967:  HORSE TROUGH – A compromise seems to have been reached over the proposal to remove the horse trough at the junction of Swanmore Road and West Street which produced such spirited opposition.  The horse trough is to remain, with a slight re-positioning, the addition of a two-way lamp standard, and reduction of the size of the traffic island.

July 13th 1967:  CHILDREN AT PLAY – The southern end of the Quarry Road allotments is to become a children’s playground.  The flying of kites or model aircraft will be prohibited because of overhead high tension cables

July 20th 1967:  LATE-NIGHT ROWDIES – There was a time (usually 11 p.m.) when sea front residents could look forward to a bit of peace and quiet when the bustle of the day had died away.  Now, however, the 11th hour signals the start of an even more hectic period often lasting till four next morning.  Young people now rendezvous near the pier entrance where they remain most of the night.  They are further encouraged by the appearance of a little fleet of hot dog and fish and chip vans.

July 20th 1967:  WHIRLPOOL TERROR – Holidaymakers watched, horrified, as a huge wave pounded inshore at Ryde on Monday evening, “ricocheted” off a groyne and swirled into a freak whirlpool which swept a woman and two children helpless out to sea.  The corporation officials are keeping observation on the area to decide whether, in certain conditions—when liners pass through the Solent at speed—the curved groyne sets a whirlpool trap spinning.  When the swirling action subsided, people ran into the water and helped the shocked trio ashore.