Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 1969

APOLOGY – Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able at this time, to bring you the snippets for the month of July 1969. Instead, below are some from 1928, which is one of the years “in between” the usual looking back 50, 100, and 150.

Isle of Wight Times 15 March 1928:  Recently, writes a correspondent, there have been a number of photographs in the daily papers of girls bathing at South Coast resorts, or rather of girls in bathing costumes – a very different thing. It is pretty well realised that these girls are never in the water, and in the bulk of cases are posed for the purpose by the publicity agent of the resort in question. Immediately the photograph is taken they scurry back to their warm clothing. How much longer are our picture pages to be open to these and other “stunt” photographs?

Isle of Wight Times 22 March 1928:  Arthur DOWNS for Canada – Arthur DOWNS, one of Ryde’s most popular and best players, is leaving the Island shortly for Canada. DOWNS will be playing his last game for the club against Lymington on March 24th at Partlands when he will captain the first eleven. The Club are giving DOWNS suitable gifts as an appreciation for his very valuable services and hope all supporters will come and give him a hearty cheer on this his final appearance.

Isle of Wight Times 24 May 1928:  Pier Pavilion License – At the sitting of the Borough Bench on Monday, the Mayor, Alderman J B PURNELL, presiding, an application for the transfer of the license of the Pier Pavilion from the borough of Ryde to Mr H Terry WOOD was granted.

Isle of Wight County Press 4 August 1928:  A Carnival at Partlands – The committee of the Sports Club held a carnival at Partlands on Thursday. The attractions included splendid displays of drill by the cadets of HMS Vernon. These included marching past and saluting the colours, a field-gun run, and a maze march. The cadets were under the command of Commissioned-Gunner MURRAY, Chief Petty Officer KING, and Petty Officers MASON, PETTIFOR, ALFRED, and ADAMS. A number of children from the Gassiot School, trained and directed by Miss HOWELL, gave pretty country dances and played singing games in a very accomplished manner. After these events the green was illuminated by overhead electric lights fixed by the IW Electric Light Co., and dancing took place to music by the Brading Town Band. The arrangements were made by Mr B L WALLIS and Mr R LONG. Side-shows etc., were organised by Mr BIGGS and Mr GIBSON, and the cadets were served with tea by Mrs MELLANBY and Mrs WALLIS. There was a very good attendance.

 Isle of Wight Times 30 August 1928:  Flooding of Ryde Esplanade – Through the heavy rain on Sunday evening, a drain in the lower part of George Street burst on account of the pressure of storm water and forced the tarmac roadway up for several feet. A piece of the drain was left on top of the road after the accident and the street was closed for vehicular traffic until Monday morning when men were busily engaged in clearing up the refuse and repairing the drain.  Many of the drains were choked after the downpour and the Esplanade on the eastern side was flooded with water to a depth, in some places of 2 ft. George Street almost resembled a river with water flowing down into the Esplanade and one or two of the hotels were put to considerable inconvenience. There was not a taxi available soon after the storm started and the station approaches were crowded. The rain poured and poured with great force and everywhere seemed to be “held-up.” Fortunately, the band of the Royal Corps of Signals had in the meantime got safely to the Town Hall where they played to an excellent audience.

Isle of Wight Times 27 December 1928:  Mr Walter RUSSELL who has purchased the old established business, STAINER’s Dairy, has delivered milk in the town from Smallbrook Farm for upwards of forty years.

Isle of Wight Times 27 December 1928:  Mr R BARRIE Better – We are pleased to learn that Mr BARRIE, Photographer, of Union Street, who has been confined to his bed since July, has shown great improvement during the last few weeks and is now able to leave his bed for a few hours daily. He wishes to thank his friends for their kind enquiries.

Isle of Wight Times 27 December 1928:  Ryde Tradesman – A much respected tradesman, Mr F CRABB, baker, High Street, has been very seriously ill and fears were entertained as to his recovery, but on enquiry on Thursday morning, we were glad to learn he was much better. Mr CRABB is the heaviest man in Ryde. He is of the cheeriest disposition and will always be popular with his friends of the Ryde Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.