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July 1971

Isle of Wight County Press:

July 3rd 1971:  COMPLAINT – The Public Works Committee reported that letters had been received from residents of Oakfield referring to the council’s proposed purchase of the scrapyard in High Street, Oakfield, and to the fact that it was understood that the present owner of the scrapyard proposed to move his business to land behind the garage on the western side of High Street, opposite the foot of Harding Road.  The residents protested strongly on the grounds of injury to amenity and traffic congestion.

July 3rd 1971:  SEAGULL VANISHES – A poster dated 1895, newspapers 90 years old and a few small coins were relics discovered during the demolition of the Seagull pavilion at the end of the pier.  In its time the Seagull has been a theatre, café, dance hall, club, skating rink and skittle alley.  Arthur Askey appeared there and Norman Wisdom once used it as a setting for a film.  British Rail, the owners, decided that the understructure of the pier was not strong enough to cope with large crowds of people.  Within a fortnight Wessex Diving Contractors will have reduced the Seagull to floor level.

July 3rd 1971:  CYCLING PROFICIENCY – Before a full pack and parents, on Thursday week, at All Saints’ Parish Church, P.S. WAVELL, of the Hampshire Constabulary presented five cub scouts of the 1st Ryde (1st Binstead) A Pack with National Cycling Proficiency Training Scheme certificates and badges.

July 10th 1971:  ANNIVERSARY – This week Ryde School celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation.  A three-day programme of events includes a commemoration service and reception attended by H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent and Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma, K.G., Governor of the Island, today.

July 10th 1971:  IMPATIENT – Ryde Town Council are concerned at the number of impatient holidaymakers who climb over the railings on Ryde Esplanade instead of using the recently constructed pelican crossing at the traffic lights.

July 10th 1971:  WEEKS ROAD SUBSIDENCE – The Town Council Public Works Committee on Monday again discussed subsidence in the Weeks Road area of the town alleged to be due to a 14ft. excavation by the developers of the Millward Estate.  The discussion ended without any motion being placed before the meeting.

July 10th 1971:  BELLRINGERS – The Parish Church Society of Bellringers were hosts on Saturday to about 100 members of Winchester and Portsmouth Guild of Bellringers, of which the Island is a district.  A few years ago, with the loss of several elder members of the church, ringers were greatly reduced in numbers, but largely due to the efforts of Mrs. D. REED (hon. Secretary), the band has been doubled in the last 18 months, the current membership is 22.  All the members are 23 or under, making it the youngest church group of ringers in the country.

July 24th 1971:  OPERATION BEACHCOMBER – Many sunbathers, swimmers, family groups and elderly deck chair loungers on Ryde beaches were surprised when a number of young people appeared carrying sacks on which were inscribed “Don’t just sit there – Help!”  After the initial shock, many of the visitors and locals set to and gave a hand.  The raiders collected a large quantity of cans, bottles, broken glass, splintered wood, jagged iron and plastic, etc.  The young beachcombers were drawn from the town’s youth clubs, Girl Guides, Vectis Players, Ryde Lifeguard Corps and other organisations. First Aid cover was provided by the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

July 31st 1971:  RYDE RESCUERS – Ryde Sea Rescue Service went into action three times within 30 hours during the weekend to aid boats in trouble off the shore east of the pier.  In one incident a power boat went aground on a sandbank at 46 knots.  Two sailing dinghies were in difficulties off Appley beach.  On Sunday the Lifeguards’ launch put out to check on a fishing boat that was reported as overdue and which was in difficulties off the Demnigoes radar beacon.