Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 1973

Isle of Wight County Press:

July 7th 1973:  NEW WARNING – Island police are again warning elderly residents to be careful when people call at the front door offering to repair chimneys or provide other services. Tricks like these are on the increase, say the police.  Elderly, particularly those living alone, are easy targets.

July 8th 1973:  MARKETS – Why don’t we have open stall markets on the Island?  It would certainly bring down the cost of living.  In the north you will find an open market in virtually every town and village.  They enrich life of the community, and you can buy virtually everything from a second-hand magazine to a suite of furniture.  Food prices are invariably cheaper than the shops and provide a healthy competition.  Open markets would bring a “wind of change” and a breeze of fresh air to this high-priced Island.

July 7th 1973:  SEA FRONT DEVELOPMENT – Attention has been drawn to the proposed sea front development at Ryde.  While not averse to improvements which will benefit the community as a whole, I question whether the very large expenditure involved is of any substantial value.  £78,000 for the hoverport, in particular, does seem excessive.  Why are the ratepayers asked to provide something which should be developed by the private company that operate the hovercraft?

July 7th 1973:  STATION AWARDS – Mr. Gerald SAMPSON, Southern Region’s Portsmouth area manager, is to present station staff from Portsmouth harbour, Liphook and Ryde Pier Head on Friday, with the prizes they won in the region’s south western division’s annual “best kept station” competition.  Ryde Pier Head was third (£3).  Each station was judged on its cleanliness and tidiness, not on its age or condition.

July 14th 1973:  SONG WRITER – Mrs. Pam MEDWAY, a mother of seven children, records her compositions directly on to tape. “I can’t even read or write music,” she confessed.  With a strong tuneful voice, Pam recently won first prize in a Ryde bandstand talent contest, singing her song “Castles by the Shore.”

July 14th 1973:  ON THE MARCH – The pipes and drums of the 10th Princess Mary’s Own Gurkha Rifles were welcomed by thousands of spectators lining Ryde Esplanade on Wednesday when the band marched down the pier into the town before performing at the Prince Consort.  The band played for three hours in the early afternoon, and performed the Beating of the Retreat under floodlights in the late evening.

July 14th 1973:  MUSICAL – Ryde School’s production of “Oliver,” given at the school on Thursday,  Friday and Saturday last week, attracted large and enthusiastic audiences.  To embark upon a full-scale “musical,” particularly such a well-known one, as a school production, must have presented formidable difficulties, many of which had been successfully overcome.  Much credit must be given to the efficient back-stage team.

July 21st 1973:  RYDE MOTEL – The County Planning Committee have approved of the erection of a 30-unit motel at the Ponda Rosa, Ashey, subject to certain controls.  The single-storey units must be retained and used in connection with the Ponda Rosa and must not be disposed of separately or be used as individual dwelling units.

July 21st 1973:  LETTER FROM A VISITOR – During a recent holiday, an invitation was extended to visit the Bishop Lovett Middle School during their annual “open day.”  As an American and father of two children, this opportunity to compare programmes and activities was of interest.  Under the guidance of Mr. J. M. LONGHURST, headmaster, the outdoor programme was excellent in its range of activities and degree of perfection.  Of particular note to me was the almost forgotten art of country dancing—music rarely heard these days…. JAMES DAVIS, Delaware.

July 21st 1973:  MINE TEST WATERS – Members of Ryde Lifeguard Corps completed a prolonged salvage operation on a 28ft., 12-ton sailing cruiser which ran aground on Ryde Sands off Springvale, at the edge of the Royal Navy’s mine testing area, at the weekend.  At midnight on Sunday, before a series of test explosions were due on the mining ground, the Lifeguards were able to flash an all-clear signal to the Navy.