Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1863

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Jun 6th 1863: HELLYER TESTIMONAL – At a meeting at the Pier Hotel it was announced that the amount already subscribed for the testimonial to one who deserves so much at the hands of his fellow townsmen, amounted to £126.11s. A silver tea and coffee service, and a silver salver, with a suitable inscription, together with a purse of £50 guineas, be presented to Mr. P. T. HELLYER. The plate will be provided by Messrs. THURLOW, HENRY, and BARNAD.

Jun 6th 1863: CAUTION – On Saturday morning last a chimney sweeper, named PIKE, in passing St. George’s-terrace, fell through a coal-trap, which had carelessly been left unfastened. The poor fellow received some very severe bruising, and it is a wonder his legs were not broken.

Jun 6th 1863: GLORIOUS FIRST OF JUNE – The last of the Isle of Wight heroes who fought in Howe’s action 69 years ago, is Henry SOUTHCOTT, who is now in his 90th year, and has gone to live with his son at East Cowes. He has never had a pension. The LANGDONS, the WHEELERS, the JOLLIFFES, and all other “first of June” heroes are gathered to their fathers at ripe old ages.

Jun 6th 1863: SUMMER STAGES – With the return of “leafy June,” the Rockets have made their re-appearance for the season. There are now three four-horse coaches (besides other coaches and omnibusses) running daily between Ryde and Ventnor. Our old friend LAMBERT, too, runs four coaches a-day between Ryde and Newport; two of which include Carisbrooke Castle.

Jun 6th 1863: LUNAR INTELLIGENCE – (From our Attic Correspondent) –It is now proved, without doubt, that the moon is not made with green cheese; for, during the total ellipse on Monday night, I saw rivers, mountains, oceans, plains. “It was a beautiful night, and the stars shone bright,” so that a more perfect sight of an eclipse was never seen.

Jun 6th 1863: PRESENTATION – On completion of the decoration of St. Marie’s Church in this town, and its consecration on the 21st ult. by the Bishop of Southwark, it was determined by the congregation to present an address of thanks and congratulation to the noble foundress, the Countess of Clare. This address was subscribed by 95 heads of families.

Jun 13th 1863: ROAD – Government is about to make a military road to connect the fort at Puckpool with the Ryde Esplanade on the west and Spring Vale on the east. If proper representations are made at head-quarters we have good authority for stating that it will be dedicated to the public as a highway.

Jun 20th 1863: BATHING STAGE – This public boon is at length completed and open; it has been increased considerably in size to what it was last year, and has had several minor improvements effected. Owing to the unsettled state of the weather, the attendance of “amphibious ones” has not yet been very numerous; but should the regular hot days “set in,” and the tide serve, “old Isaac,” the bathing-master, will find enough to do.

Jun 20th 1863: AUDIT DINNER – The half-yearly audit dinner of the tenants of John FLEMING, esq., took place at the Fleming Arms, Binstead, on Wednesday evening last, when a bountiful repast was served up in Gad HILL’s usual style.

Jun 27th 1863: THE PIER RAILWAY – A Goole billyboy has arrived alongside the pier during the past week laden with the metals for the railway constructing on the east side of the pier, and laying of the rails proceeded forthwith.