Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1865

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Jun 3rd 1865: PRINTING – In the middle of publication last week, our machinery broke down, but Mr. MASON and Mr. WAYLAND kindly placed theirs at our disposal, for which we return thanks. We were first apprenticed to printing at Ryde, and when we went to it in 1834 there was only one wooden press; it is therefore, a convincing proof of the progress of Ryde that there are at present resources equal to the production of three newspapers.

Jun 3rd 1865: COMMISSIONERS – That the terms of Sir John SIMEON, bart., as to leasing that portion of the sea shore belonging to the St. John’s estate within the town boundary, be accepted.

Jun 10th 1865: STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION – Our postmen have at length been allowed their official clothing, and made their appearance accordingly this week. We are glad to see Ryde in this respect allowed the same privilege which has so long been accorded to larger and more commercial localities.

Jun 10th 1865: CRICKET – On Monday evening last a numerously-attended meeting was held at the Town-hall, for the purpose of forming a Cricket Club, the want of which has long been felt. The manly old English game has many admirers in this part of the Island. It was resolved that the club should be known by the name of the “Ryde Cricket Club.”

Jun 17th 1865: ESPLANADE – Mr. DENHAM, the eminent contractor, has commenced the Commissioner’s extensive project by laying down a handsome wide pavement from the S.E. corner of the Pier-hotel to the Pier-gate; and from thence it is to extend the whole length of the north side of the Esplanade.

Jun 17th 1865: ARRIVAL – We see by advertisement that the Hungarian Brothers will arrive at the end of the month for the season, with a large addition to their usually excellent bank.

Jun 17th 1865: COMING SEASON -Unquestionably the most world-wide attraction of the Solent will this year receive a great and early impetus, as the Royal Thames Yacht Club have generously arranged that their Great Ocean Match shall be from the Thames to Ryde. A fine fleet have already entered for this match, comprising some of the best of the old yachts, and some of the new ones.

Jun 17th 1865: RYDE PIER – On Wednesday the splendid band of the 87th Fusiliers, led by A. WERNTHAL, the bandmaster, attended, and played to a fashionable gathering an excellent programme.

Jun 24th 1865: ATHLETIC SPORTS – These sports, in connection with Ormonde House School, took place on Wednesday last, under the direction of W. M. HARRISON, Pembroke College, Cambridge, in a field kindly lent by Mr. NASH, of Spring Vale.

Jun 24th 1865: RYDE CRICKET CLUB – We have great pleasure in stating that Sir Charles Locock, bart, has most generously forwarded a donation of £5 to the funds of this newly-formed club. The first match of this club will be played on Monday next, between 11 married and 11 single members.

Jun 24th 1865: IMPROVEMENTS – As local historians, it becomes our duty from time to time to notice the improvements in our buildings and streets, Mr. RAYNER, of Pier-street, is now adding to the list of these improvements by building some excellent houses there. It certainly is a desirable locality for a good class of property considering its proximity to the R.V.Y.C.

Jun 24th 1865: ADVERT – Thompson’s Prize Medal Crinolines, combined elegance and latest fashions. Are always stamped with a crown.—Sold by good drapers everywhere.