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June 1866

Isle of Wight Observer:-

June 2nd 1866:  Y.M.C.A – A handsome trowel has been presented to George WILLIAMS esq.,  The following inscription was beautifully engraved by Mr. BURDEN, of the Colonnade; “Presented by the members to George WILLIAMS, esq., on the occasion of his laying the corner stone of the new building (Lind-street), May 22, 1866.”

June 2nd 1866:  PROPOSED RECREATION GROUND – A correspondent asks if anything has been done towards the attainment of this desirable result.  It is a matter much to be regretted that we have not a cricket and recreation ground near the town, the advantages of which would be felt by all classes of the community.

June 2nd 1866:  RIFLE VOLUNTEERS – The Ryde corps, preceded by the battalion band, marched out on Tuesday evening, and through the kindness of the Rev. W. H. GIRDLESTONE had a couple of hours’ drill in the grounds of Gwydyr House.  There was some excellent skirmishing, and each man was supplied with 15 rounds of blank cartridge.  After the corps were dismissed, the band enlivened the town with their performance.

June 9th 1866:  CAUTION – Some mischievous persons have, during last week, at an early hour in the morning, been robbing the gardens of roses in the district of West-street and Spencer-road.  It will be well, therefore, for persons to be alert, and should the offence be repeated, and the offenders caught, to treat them with the utmost severity of the law.

June 9th 1866:  BRIDGE AT WOOTTON – This structure is approaching completion, and an excellent job Mr. PRITCHARD has made of it.  A few days ago our veteran friend VANNER, the well-known whip for the last 21 years, drove a coach and four over the bridge for the first time.  He was certainly the man entitled to the honor of a first drive over.  We trust he may perform similar achievements for many years to come.  As to the bridge itself, it looks as though it would stand for ages.

June 9th 1866:  SANITARY MEASURES – The following important notice  has been issued by the Commissioners; “As the summer is approaching, the attention of the inhabitants of this town is called to the following by-law;  All occupiers of any premises within the district shall whitewash, wash, or otherwise cleanse and keep free from filth, the interior of such premises, so that no offensive smell shall proceed from the same.”

June 9th 1866:  ADVERTISEMENT – To Let, No. 26 Pier Street, Rayner’s Terrace, opposite Sivier’s hotel, Ryde.—Excellent Shop, large Drawing Room, six good airy Bedrooms, Kitchen, and Scullery.—Every information may be obtained at J. RAYNER’s Upholstery, &c., 23 or 27 Pier-street.

June 16th 1866:  MAGIC PHOTOGRAPHY – The most wonderful invention for a drawing room amusement.  Any lady or gentleman can produce a picture in one minute.  Packets containing materials for three, post free 13 stamps to J. SYMONDS, Photographer, 15 Union-street, Ryde.

June 23rd 1866:  BOAT ACCOMMODATION – We understand that arrangements have been completed for the conveyance of passengers and parcels, both by rowing and sailing boats, every day, to and from Ryde and Fishbourne.

June 23rd 1866:  NUISANCE – A letter from the inhabitants of Pier-street was read to the Commissioners, complaining at considerable length of the annoyance they experienced from a candle manufactory there, and a request that the Board would take some steps for its removal.—The letter was referred to the Sanitary Committee.

June 30th 1866:  ARCHERY – On Tuesday a bow meeting was held by the Ryde Archery Society, when a considerable number of archers and others attended.  The ladies, undaunted by the fierce rays of the blazing sun, shot their portion of the York round, consisting of four dozen arrows at sixty yards and two dozen at fifty yards.