Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1868

Isle of Wight Observer:

June 6th 1868:  ORMONDE HOUSE SPORTS – The athletic sports took place on Tuesday last in the grounds of our worthy Vicar, and were attended by a fashionable company who were invited by invitation from the pupils. The sports from beginning to end a perfect success; indeed we think that great praise is due to the youthful competitors for the plucky way they contested each event. The pupils appeared in racing attire, and in some cases rather pantomimic, but the gay colours leant charming pleasantry to the scene.

June 6th 1868:  HONESTY – Last week bills were issued announcing the loss of a purse containing over £3 in gold, and an amount of silver, offering a reward of 10/- to the finder.  Fortunately for the owner, it was picked up by a man named GUY, a gardener, who immediately restored the lost treasure, in the belief that “Honesty is the best policy.”

June 6th 1868:  SWEEPSTAKES SUPPER – There was a very friendly gathering on Thursday evening last at Yelf’s hotel tap, a number of tradesmen having sat down to an excellent supper, provided by Host JOBLING.  It was altogether a very pleasant harmonious affair.

June 13th 1868:  COMMISSIONERS – Mr. PAUL said an excellent job had been made of the place in which to keep the fire escape and engine, previous to which the escape was thrown about anywhere.  This had rendered the space from which the engine was removed vacant.  The committee considered this as an excellent opportunity for turning the old engine-room into a second office.

June 13th 1868:  EXCURSION – The annual excursion of the directors and shareholders of the Portsmouth and Ryde Steampacket Company took place on Wednesday last, when about 250 persons were on board.  The Prince Consort left Ryde pier about 9.30, and reached Bournemouth about 1 p.m., landing her passengers for about four hours.  Steam up at 5 o’clock, reaching Ryde pier at about half-past 8.

June 20th 1868:  THE LUMBER TROOP – The three wise carriers of Ryde seem determined to earn notoriety, for it seems that they have succeeded in stopping the construction of the much-desired baths for ladies, so diligently pushed forward by the Ryde Pier Company.  By some back-door influence at the Admiralty, and a splenetic perseverance, they have postponed for a season one of the most important works that were ever undertaken for the good of Ryde.

June 20th 1868:  SITUATION WANTED – by a man and wife, without family: the man as good Kitchen Gardener, with a knowledge of stock and land, wife, as good Plain Cook or Laundress, understands dairy and baking, and has a thorough knowledge of household duties.  Can have good recommendation.

June 20th 1868:  ITALIAN STRING BAND – We are pleased to hear that the Pier directors have made arrangements with the above to play on the pier three evenings a week, commencing on Monday last.

June 27th 1868:  CORONATION HOLIDAY – Sunday next is the 30th anniversary of Her Majesty’s coronation, and the following day will, as usual in this and the neighbouring towns, be observed as a general holiday; special inducements being held out by the Isle of Wight Railway and steampacket companies, of which doubtless a large number of persons will avail themselves.

June 27th 1868:  GYMNASTICS – Amongst the amusements of Coronation Day we may mention that two professionals have been engaged for the gymnasium at the Star inn, where some extraordinary performances will take place, the admission to which is, we notice, very moderate.

June 27th 1868:  POSTING BUSINESS – Frank WHEELER, Riding Master, begs respectfully to inform the nobility and gentry of the Island, that he has taken under his own superintendence the posting business, Royal Kent Hotel Livery Stables, attached to this old-established hotel. Pony Phætons, Saddle Horses, and Carriages of every description by the Job, Hour, or for a Term. Riding Lessons given.