Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1908

Isle of Wight Observer

June 6th 1908: MOTOR CARS – Over 300 motor cars were transported across the Solent from Lymington to Yarmouth last year. Practally all these cars would have come to the Island via Portsmouth and Ryde, but for the fact that cars can only be landed at high water.

June 6th 1908: WEATHER – The mildness of the climate of the Island as compared with other places, is again emphasized by the appearance of the gardens in the neighbourhood in Ryde.

June 6th 1908: ISLAND INVASION – On Thursday next at midnight, special Midland Railway trains, will be conveying residents in Rossendale and district, to Ryde. It was stated to be a thousand or so.

June 6th 1908: BOWLING – A fine list of entries have been received for the championship and handicap matches in connection with the Bowling Club, which will be decided during the next few months.

June 13th 1908: BURGLARY – Many people assembled in Church-lane on Whit-Monday evening in consequence of a rumour that Mr. PURCHASE’s jewellers shop in Union-street had been ransacked by burglars. A forgotten latch-key gave rise to the rumour; a member of the family who was in occupation of the upper part of the premises, was attempting to enter by a window and the fact was reported to the police.

June 13th 1908: RYDE TOWN COUNCIL – Councillor De LAUNEY asked if it was the intention of the Council to erect further shelters on the Esplanade for the use of the public during the present summer.

June 20th 1908: MUSICAL – Dorothy HAY, pianoforte (intermediate) and Leslie DUFFETT, violin (junior), have passed the recent Trinity College Examination. Both were pupils of Mr. J. C. BEAZLEY of Ryde.

June 27th 1908: PIER PAVILION – The Albany Ward Electric Animated Picture Company has surpassed itself during its fortnights visit to the Pavilion, which ended with tonights performance. A picturesque representation of Romeo and Juliette perhaps being one of the best.

June 27th 1908: POLICE – It would not be altogether superfluous, if the Ryde Police had instructions to prevent people riding down Union-street at top speed and endangering the safety of foot passengers.