Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1914

Isle of Wight Times:-

Jun 6th 1914: ON FIRE – A large valuable motor car owned by Miss Benett BRIGSTOCKE, Saxonbury, West-street, a landaulette, was on fire at 10.01 pm. The Fire Brigade were on the scene within five minutes and quickly extinguished the flames with chemical apparatus.

Jun 6th 1914: FOOTBALLERS – At the invitation of the Committee of the Ryde Football Club, an excellent supper was partaken of at the Victoria Dining Rooms on Thursday evening. After the supper gramophone selections were given by Mr. BARR and comic songs by Mr. POOLE.

Jun 6th 1914: ACCIDENT – An accident occurred to Chas WHITNEY, a bootblack, living in Wray-street, Swanmore, on the Esplanade where he was plying his trade. WHITNEY came out from behind the cabmens shelter and was knocked down by the four horse coach belonging and driven by Mr. HEWITT. He was taken to the hospital by bus.

Jun 6th 1914: FOR VISITORS – The Mead Lawn Tennis, Croquet and Garden Club. Visitors may play lawn tennis, croquet or bowls in the grounds in St. Thomas’s-street. Courts: weekly tickets 7/6; two weeks 10/6; four weeks 15s. Admission to grounds non players 3d.

Jun 13th 1914: PIER PAVILION – A transformation has been effected at the Ryde Pier Pavilion, and is now almost ready for the formal opening on July 4th. An attractive proscenium has been erected and suitable scenery installed for the “Oriflammes,” the costume concert party, who will remain for the season.

Jun 13th 1914: TROPHY – Dr. F. C. H. KENNEDY, whose interest in the Territorial Force has been shown on many occasion, has kindly presented a very handsome tea urn, suitably engraved, to the Ammunition Column of the Royal Field Artillery, as a prize for gun laying and fuse setting. He has presented a similar prize to A Company, Isle of Wight Rifles.

Jun 13th 1914: WATER COMMITTEE – The analysis from the sample supplied by the Borough states,—“The chemical results are favourable. They show that the water contains exceedingly little organic matter in solution, and would be classed as one of high organic purity.”

Jun 13th 1914: THE TOWN – The Mayor (Mr. J. I. BARTON) said the prosperity of the town depended to a large extent on the letting of houses during the yachting season in the beginning of July till about the 20th or 24th September. If Ryde ceased to be a yachting centre it would be practically ruined.

Jun 18th 1914: CORONATION DAY – Some of our Councillors at the last meeting thought it was time that the Coronation Day Holiday should be dispensed with. We believe that many of the tradesmen of the Town will ignore the suggestion of keeping up the holiday and open as usual.

Jun 25th 1914: ROWING RACES – The first of the fortnightly galley races of the Ryde Rowing Club was held off the Pier on Thursday evening when Mr. A. LANGDON’s crew beat two others.

Jun 25th 1914: KING’S BIRTHDAY – On Monday Princess Beatrice’s I.W. Rifles who are undergoing their annual training at Yaverland, marched into Ryde. A halt was made at Appley Rise, the residence of the popular commanding officer, Col. J. E. RHODES, where the men were hospitably regaled with refreshments, followed by a Royal Salute and cheers for the King.