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June 1915

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Jun 12th 1915: LITERATURE – At Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Guardians thanks were passed to Mrs. GIBBS, of St. Helliers, Strand, for a gift of literature for the use of the inmates.

Jun 12th 1915: SCHOOL OF ART – The Higher Education Sub-Committee reported that upon the recommendation of the local managers they had decided to appoint Mr. Sidney W. COX as organising master at Ryde School of Art, and he would be solely responsible for the teaching, discipline and organisation of the school. His salary would be £75 per annum.

Jun 12th 1915: YORK HOTEL – General regret will, we feel sure, be felt that this well-known hostelry has closed its doors, although it is hoped only temporarily. This hotel was founded in 1847 and acquired by the DRAKE family some 28 years ago. During the Victorian era it enjoyed the patronage of many notable personages, among whom may be mentioned the Empress Eugenie.

Jun 12th 1915: LIBERTY AT STAKE – One hundred years ago the terror of Europe was laid low. For years Napoleon had caused inconceivable suffering and loss, but on June 18th 1815, he met his fate, at Waterloo. Today the descendants of the conqueror’s are fighting side by side with the descendants of the conquered, against another and bloodier tyrant.

Jun 12th 1915: WOUNDED SOLDIERS – The kindness of the Ryde Pier Company, through their Chairman, Alderman G. E. MEARS, in allowing the use of the Pier free of toll to the wounded soldiers at the Davenport House and at Hazelwood, is much appreciated, and the example set might be followed in other ways in the town.

Jun 12th 1915: VICTORIA PIER – It is one thing for the town to purchase the Victoria Pier for the purpose of providing facilities for sea bathing, and quite another to acquire rights involving obligations that will cost many thousands of pounds to carry out. It may be found that the carriers prefer to use the free slipway to paying tolls.

Jun 19th 1915: SOUVENIR – At the sale of the effects at the York Hotel this week, a mahogany four-post bedstead, used by the Empress Eugenie while stopping at the hotel after her perilous escape from France in 1870, was purchased by Dr. R. C. H. KENNEDY, of Highclere, West-street.

Jun 26th 1915: MOTOR IN WAR – The motor is occupying a position of the first importance in war. That it would do so, was foreseen by Germany, many years ago, and preparations were made accordingly. It was her fleet of armoured and other motor cars, that enabled her armies to sweep like an avalanche over Belgium and France, and to almost reach the gates of Paris.

Jun 26th 1915: MEN’S DETACHMENT V.A.D. – Twenty members of this detachment having joined the Colours, four or five men above military age, are required to do one or two day duties per week, at Hazelwood Relief Hospital. Application should be made to Quarter-Master E. V. MATTHEWS, St. John’s-road.

Jun 26th 1915: TENDER ACCEPTED – We are please to place on record that the well-known firm of Messrs. PURNELL & PURNELL, of this town, whose tender was the lowest, has secured the order for the furnishing of the new wards at the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital.

Jun 26th 1915: PATRIOTISM – They told the Spartan woman long ago, Her son had fallen, as he faced the foe. “Then bury him” she said with steadfast face, “And let the younger brother take his place.”

Jun 26th 1915: TRANSFER – At the Borough Bench sitting on Monday the license of the King Lud, Pier Street, was temporarily transferred from Mr. William George NEWLAND to Mr. James Roderick Joshua ROB; and that of the York Hotel, George Street, from Mr. Alfred DRAKE, to Mr. Frederick SHOTTER, one of the executors of the hotel, which is now closed awaiting a new tenant.