Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1916

Isle of Wight Observer:-

June 10th 1916:  BANK HOLIDAY SUSPENDED – The Mayor has issued a notice recommending in accordance with the decision of the Government that Whitsun Bank Holiday should not be observed, and that business be carried on as usual on that day.

June 10th 1916:  PRISONERS OF WAR – The Mayor and Mayoress are organising a scheme for sending goods and articles to our prisoners of war.  Gifts of all kinds of comestibles that can safely be sent in tins, clothing, and games will be welcomed, and these will be sent off without delay to the Regimental Committees in London (appointed by the War Office to co-ordinate and assist the work of distribution).

June 10th 1916:  TEACHER’S MARRIAGE – Councillor HOPGOOD asked whether a certain teacher who had asked to be allowed to remain at her school after marriage had received such permission.  There was nothing in the Education Report about it.  It is a wrong principle.  A member said  “It is a patriotic wedding.”  Councillor HOPGOOD replied “Let them keep their own wives the same as I have to do, not come on the country to keep them.”

June 10th 1916:  SCHOOL FEES – It was recommended that the charging of school fees to the boys, girls, and infant departments of St. John’s Road School be abolished.  In adopting the recommendation they said  they had been allowed to make a charge for children residing outside the borough.

June 10th 1916:  CASTLE HOSPITAL – Miss BARTLETT has sent flowering plants for the garden at this institution.  Gifts have also been received from 18 other people.  Five patients arrived from Portsmouth on Tuesday.

June 10th 1916:  HAZELWOOD HOSPITAL – The following gifts have been received at this institution;—Books and papers, eggs, soup, cigarettes, games, and flowers.  Motor drives have kindly been provided by Mrs. GRIMES, Sir Edward WILLIAMSON and Mr. Craven HALL.

June 10th 1916:  PETTY SESSIONS – Thomas BOWEN, pedlar, of no fixed abode, was charged with trying to sell lavender, hawking without a certificate.  Prisoner was fined 5s., or 7 days’ imprisonment and was advised by the Mayor to take the next boat to the mainland.

June 17th 1916:  FRANCE’S DAY – The Mayor is co-operating in the Island scheme for a France’s Day, on July 14th, and will be pleased to receive the names of ladies who are willing to assist in the work.

June 17th 1916:  Y.M.C.A. ISLAND FUND – H.R.H. Princess Henry of Battenberg, the Royal Governor, has given ten guineas to this fund.

June 17th 1916:  THEATRE ROYAL – Two absorbing films will be shown at this place of entertainment next week, viz., “Buckshot John” and “In spite of it all,” featuring many well-known artistes.

June 17th 1916:  BAND CONCERTS – Although the attendance at these concerts at Whitsuntide was not so numerous owing no doubt to the abandonment of the Bank Holiday and the unusually chilly weather, the performances by the R.M.A. Band from Saturday to Monday were much appreciated by some 3,000 persons.

June 24th 1916:  WOMENS AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE – The meeting will be addressed by Miss DEANE, and Miss SANDFORD, an expert on the growing of herbs which have a medical value.  The meeting will be open to all who are interested in this patriotic work.

June 24th 1916:  OLD RYDE – Two very fine prints of old Ryde, dated respectively 1802 and 1810, are on view in the window of Mr. George MUNDELL, bric-a-brac dealer, Cross-street.  One depicts a sea view from the bottom of where George Street now is, and the other is off Apley.