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June 1920

Isle of Wight Observer:

June 5th 1920:  COSTLY AFFAIR – In regards to bands and concerts it is felt that a great deal more ought to be done in meeting the wishes of the townspeople and visitors.  A military band nowadays is a costly affair compared to what is used to be, and the gate tolls to the Western Enclosure have had to be increased accordingly.

June 5th 1920:  LOCAL PENSIONS – During the quarter ended 31st March last there were 50 applications made to the Ryde District Sub-Committee of which 40 were granted including 25 at 10s. per week, and 7 at 8s.

June 5th 1920:  SEASON’S PROSPECTS – The sunny days of June have brought several visitors to Ryde and each week, it is hoped, will see an addition to the number.  Coach and charabanc trips are much enjoyed and the Eastern tea garden, bowls and tennis are well patronised.  The motor launch trips will be a feature of the season and there are special trips by steamer to Bournemouth and back.

June 5th 1920:  ASHEY SCHOOL – From Ryde Town Council a resolution to the effect that though approving of the disused Ashey School as an Emergency hospital during the war, were strongly of opinion that it was most undesirable as a permanent site, on account of its proximity to the borough, also because it abuts on the main road and is in the midst of an important milk centre.  After careful consideration the committee could not see their way to take any action in the matter.

June 5th 1920:  A NEW CLUB – The premises for so many years occupied by the “Observer” Press, of the Colonnade, Lind Street, have been taken over by the 2nd Wessex Brigade, R.F.A., T.F., and will be fitted up as a men’s club and institute for boys.

June 5th 1920:  RIFLEMEN’S RE-UNION – It is the intention of Major VEASEY to entertain the members of the I.W. Rifles who sailed on the “Aquitania,” in July 1915, to a re-union, which will take place at Puckpool House, Ryde, in August.

June 12th 1920:  THEATRE – The installation of an organ in the orchestra is a great improvement to the high class selections rendered to the pictures.  During the hot summer evenings it is delightfully cool as special care and attention is given to effecting proper ventilation.  At each performance the auditorium is periodically sprayed with the delightful antiseptic of Verbena Aroma.

June 19th 1920:  OBSOLETE WARSHIPS – With one exception the obsolete battleships which were a source of much attraction off Ryde left on Tuesday afternoon and will be broken up in the dockyard.

June 19th 1920:  FOR GOLFERS – A well-known outfitter in Union Street is attracting golfers to his display of golf clothes by placing a set of golf balls and clubs to set them off a bit.  Not a bad idea as golf will be a great attraction in Ryde.  If we can attract some “crack” players to the course it would soon become well-known.

June 19th 1920:  LETTER TO THE HOUSING COMMISSIONER – Sir, I call attention to the fact that although Green Street has a school, the town slaughter-house, the Salvation Army headquarters in it, leads to other schools and is a thoroughfare for much heavy traffic to St. John’s Road Station, and at certain times of the day literally swarms with people, the water-cart never comes down this street.  Here and in many other populous streets flush with this street, children, having nowhere else to play may be seen kicking a ball about in thick clouds of dust.

June 26th 1920:  HOTEL ALTERATIONS – Application has been made on behalf of Messrs. Mew Langtons and Co. for approval of a plan for suggested alterations at the Union Vaults (the Albany) in Pier Street.  It was proposed to construct a door giving access to the club room instead of at the present time having to go through the bar and a private portion of the house.  The landlord (Mr. SHARPE) stated that no regular club was held at the house.  Permission was given for the alterations.