Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1966

Isle of Wight Times:-

June 2nd 1966:  TELEPHONE CALLS – Britain’s housewives made 853,653 telephone calls to the recipe service in the year ended March 31, 1966.

June 2nd 1966:  FALSE FIRE CALLS – Four Ryde boys who had the I.W. Fire Service out on three wild goose chases in two days were fined a total of £40 at Ryde Juvenile Court on Thursday.  Station Officer Leonard WILLIAMS said one of the calls involved an ambulance and life-saving appliance from Newport being called for in addition to normal fire-fighting equipment.

June 2nd 1966:  MUSIC HALL – After their success last year at the Esplanade Pavilion, Ryde, the Old Time Music Hall returns to the town on Saturday, June 11.

June 2nd 1966:  RAILWAY MUSEUM – The committee of the I.W. Locomotive Society are hoping to “rescue” and restore some items of Island railways stock before the modernisation proposals come into effect.  A fund has been opened for this purpose and it is also hoped to open a museum somewhere on the Island.  One locomotive will cost £800 and the society would like to save some coaches as well.  Such a museum would become a valuable tourist attraction.

June 2nd 1966:  NEWS PLEASE – Anglers are requested to send reports of catches promptly to the Isle of Wight Times office (Ryde 3828)

June 2nd 1966:  CINEMA – “The Sound of Music” begins a two-week run starting today (Thursday) at the Plaza, and is exclusive in the Island to this cinema. It is the film version of one of the most beloved stage musicals of the last ten years.  It is based on the real life story of the Von Trapp family singers.

June 9th 1966:  FULHAM SIGNING – Kieran BAKER, the 16 year-old goalkeeper from Ryde County Secondary School, has been informed by Fulham Football Club that he has been retained by them for next season.

June 9th 1966:  SHARK OFF RYDE – Mr. Geoff BRIDLE, a sailor on leave from the Royal Navy, sighted a 10 ft. Shark in the mining ground off Ryde at the weekend.  It is thought that the fish may have been hunting the mackerel shoals seen near Bembridge lately.

June 9th 1966:  GOLFING POLICEMAN – Ryde’s golfing policeman, P.C. Vic LYON, already the holder of the Island Amateur and Island Alliance championships, completed a triple major triumph at the weekend when he won the Shanklin and Sandown Golf Club’s championship—for the third time.

June 16th 1966:  IN DARKNESS – Ryde seafront illuminations and power supplies were put out of action on Tuesday night after an hotel boiler room blew up, severing a main cable.  It was 7.15 p.m. when there was a loud explosion from the basement of the Hotel Ryde Castle and lights and power went dead.  A kitchen porter ran to the boiler room which adjoins one end of the ballroom, and found the whole place ablaze.

June 16th 1966:  HEAVENS?  NO! – An offer from a resident of Weston-super-Mare to give a series of “space lectures” as a seasonal attraction at Ryde has been turned down by the Borough Council.

June 16th 1966:  TEA PARTY – Ryde youth organised a tea party for the elderly of the borough. Members of uniformed youth organisation, youth clubs and single activity groups sent out invitations and arranged transport for those who could not get to the Methodist Hall.  Some prepared food and drinks and others provided entertainment and served at tables.  Oldest guest was 97 year-old Mrs. BARTLETT of 66 West Street.