Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 1968

Isle of Wight Times:

June 6th 1968:  ‘CLEAN UP’ – Dangerous conditions on Ryde’s beaches, caused by broken bottles and other litter, are worrying the Ryde and East Wight Trades Council.  They are also notifying the Corporation of the “very bad condition” of the lower part of Weeks Road, and asking for hedge and tree cutting to be carried out promptly.

June 6th 1968:  CANOE LAKE – A highlight of Ryde’s Centenary celebrations, due to talk place next month, could be a dazzling “new look” for the western end of the Canoe Lake.  A tentative offer of trees and shrubs to the value of between £150 and £200, providing that these were used in a prominent position.  An ideal place would be on the sloping banks at the western of the lake, using azaleas and rhododendrons.

June 6th 1968:  CROQUET – Celebrating its half century, the 50th I.W. Croquet Tournament has attracted 25 players to the Ryde Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club greens.  Play began on Monday and will continue until Saturday, finals day.  There are players from many parts of the country.

June 6th 1968:  FREE MEALS – As a result of the credit squeeze which has caused the corporation to prune its centenary expenses harshly, resulted in the question—-how many people should get free tickets to a banquet on July 23 when Earl MOUNTBATTEN, the Island Governor, would be present at the Town Hall.  After much discussion, the list of some two dozen “possibles” to receive free 50s. tickets was whittled down to 16.  About the number of toasts there was no doubt:  Keep them to a minimum.

June 6th 1968:  INSPECT OUR FLATS – “There seems to be a bit of apathy towards council flats,” said Cllr. Mrs. Grace BURRIDGE, presiding at Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Housing Committee.  “Some people almost seem horrified at the thought of living in one, but now we have a way to show them how good these places are.”  She was agreeing that the public be invited to inspect newly completed council flats.

June 13th 1968:  BRIGSTOCKE CHINA – The famous Brigstocke collection of china and pottery will be put on display at the county library, George Street, Ryde,  if the General Purposes Committee has its way. It was decided to consider such a display on the upper floor of the library.  There had been a suggestion that selected pieces might be on display, and Ald. S. R. BIRD said that if there was an exhibition of sufficient attraction at the library the collection might well form part of it.

June 13th 1968:  DINNER – The annual dinner of the Ryde County Old Boys’ Football Club was held on Saturday night at the Oasis Hotel, Ryde Esplanade.  Member of the club, together with friends and supporters, were on hand to hear the Club chairman, Mr. John LONGHURST, proposing the toast of the Club, say how very proud he was of the Old Boys’ record.

June 13th 1968:  CALLER SAVES SHOP – An anonymous 999 caller saved a Ryde business from possible destruction on Thursday evening.  He alerted the Fire Brigade to report smoke curling from an upstairs window at Wardrof’s, the vacuum cleaner specialist, 51 High Street, but when asked for his name and address, put the phone down.  Firemen broke into the premises and found a blaze in the workshop.

June 13th 1968:  SUB DRAMA – The 1,385 tons submarine Alaric lay disabled off Ryde yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) after fouling the North Sturbridge Buoy.  A tug, a boom defence vessel and naval divers rushed to the scene from Portsmouth.  The Alaric, with 60 men on board had been conducting surface exercises when the accident occurred.  Holidaymakers had a grandstand view of the drama as work to free the vessel went on all afternoon in full view of the beaches.

June 13th 1968:  RACE TRACK – The road around Ryde’s Canoe Lake is being used as a “race track,” members of Ryde Roads Committee were told.  Something needed to stop motorists going too fast, particularly in view of the danger to children.  It was decided to have signs put up warning motorists to take care.  The matter will be discussed further at the next meeting.