Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1860

Isle of Wight Observer

Mar 3rd 1860: THE OLD PIER NEW HEAD – These works are very gradually progressing and the contractors will certainly not complete them by the prescribed time – April next, unless they move more expediently than heretofore. The whole of the piles on the west side are driven, but there are yet to be steps placed and the floor laid and fenced in with iron railings before they can leave it to proceed with the other side.

Mar 3rd 1860: CORNER STONE – The corner stone of the new chapel on the site of the old Bethel, will be laid, and, of course the ceremony will be followed by a tea party, to be held at the Victoria Rooms on Wednesday next, after which the Rev. E. C. PRITCHARD and other Pastors will address the meeting.

Mar 10th 1860: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – Sir Henry SOMERSET (Commander-in-Chief at Bombay) has taken Hanley House, Strand and is expected to arrive about May; The Hon Mrs. HOPE and Mrs. HUBBAND and family arrived at Stratford House on Wednesday; Sir James and Lady STIRLING of Thornbury Villa will entertain a fashionable party at dinner this (Friday) evening.

Mar 10th 1860: STREET MUSIC – On Friday last a band of itinerant musicians entered Ryde and played some choice airs in a style far superior to that generally attending street music. They left on Monday, receiving, no doubt, but little support at this empty season of the town.

Mar 10th 1860: WORKING MEN’S MEETING – The working men of Ryde will hold a meeting this (Friday) evening at their “College”, Brunswick-place, when several members will give the experiences of their lives.

Mar 10th 1860: SHOOTING MATCHES – Pigeon and Sparrow shooting took place in a meadow at Play-street, near Ryde on Wednesday last. There were 11 entries at Sparrows; Mr. John CAVE (Ryde), Mr. F. FLETCHER (Portsmouth), Mr. DRAYTON and Mr. FARRELL (Ryde) and Mr. BOLDISH (Brading) were winners.

Mar 17th 1860: HIGHWAY ROBBERY – There is certainly occasion for increased vigilance on the part of the Island police, whose night duties in lonely spots have hitherto been confined to the protection of gentlemen’s preserves from the depredations of poachers. A man named JONES from Ryde found himself stripped of money, watch and everything about him at half past 2 in the morning.

Mar 17th 1860: STAR STREET DRAIN – There is a rubble drain running down the south side of this street (in a course once occupied by a boundary ditch) underneath the pavement so close to the boundaries of some properties there as to allow its filth to ooze into their cellars. The owner of George’s Cottage was thus inconvenienced and requested the Commissioners to remedy it, which they have done by turning that part of the drain which passes his property into the George-street sewer; but the lower part of Star-street is still liable to the same nuisance, and the drain is altogether bad.

Mar 17th 1860: STONE THROWING – To the Editor. Having been requested by many influential friends to make known in the paper the subject of stone throwing. Example 1: A little girl of tender age has completely lost the sight of both eyes, by a Ryde stone shot by a boy at noon day. Example 2: A lady of delicate health, returning to her home, was unpleasantly saluted by a large stone, and if the gentleman’s strong arm who accompanied, had not held her back, what would have been the consequence. Example 3: Three friends sat down to dine when all of a sudden, shot went through the window. The boy, of course, took to his heels and ran…… I am Sir…. A VISITOR.

Mar 24th 1860: TEETOTALISM – Messrs. DIMMICK, WHEELER and others appear to be working with the greatest energy towards the promotion of teetotal principles in Ryde, and have already made a large number of converts. Meetings are held at the wooden building in Brunswick-place every Friday evening – free.

Mar 31st 1860: ROBBERY – We have heard that some person or persons entered by a window the home of Mr. John WEARN, Monkton-street, and abstracted therefrom several valuable blankets and counterpanes. The thief has not yet been discovered, but one of the blankets were found in a garden in Bellevue-road.