Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1865

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Mar 4th 1865: EXPLOSION – Considerable alarm was felt in the neighbourhood of Monkton-street, by a noise like discharges of artillery. It was soon found that the roof and sides of the engine-house of the Ryde Gas Works were forced upwards and outwards, scattering the slates and other material in every direction, caused by an explosion of gas in the engine-room.

Mar 4th 1865: HIGH TIDE – The next impression of the Isle of Wight Observer will be the anniversary of the ever-to-be-remembered high tide that took place on 4th March 1818, being 47 years ago. Ryde Pier, George LEAL’s cow-house at Botany Bay (now Coastguard Station), and the end of Mr. T. KEMP’s house, were washed away, and the sea made other inroads into other parts.

Mar 4th 1865: RESOLUTION – The committee of the Ryde Working Men’s Club, fully alive to the necessity of preserving order at the penny readings, have passed resolutions directing that boys should not be admitted, unless accompanied by their parents, and that no infant in arms should be admitted.

Mar 11th 1865: SKETCHLEY – This inimitable performer paid us his promised visit on Tuesday evening last, and was welcomed with a good house; indeed, Mr. SKETCHLEY may be set down as one of the Ryde favorites.

Mar 11th 1865: TOWN CUP – We are happy to see that a public meeting has been called for Thursday evening next, with a view to providing a “Town Cup,” to be presented to the R.V.Y.C., to be sailed for at the ensuing regatta.

Mar 18th 1865: COMMISSIONERS – Mr. James DASHWOOD suggested that the new road, leading to the Cemetery, should be planted with lime trees—a most desirable improvement—as trees are cut down in all directions and none planted.

Mar 18th 1865: ENTERTAINMENT – We see by advertisement that the Sisters Sophia and Annie will give their comic musical entertainment at the Victoria-rooms, on Wednesday evening next. The music and vocal powers of these young ladies are of a high order.

Mar 18th 1865: MOTHERBANK – The vessel that has arrived for shelter and supplies: English brigantine Mexico, R. BOWELL, master, from Tobasco, bound to London with a cargo of mahogany. Several cases of marsh fever on board are remaining in ill-health.

Mar 25th 1865: RELIC – Last week in digging for the foundation of a house on Mr. NEWMAN’s land in Anglesea-street, formerly a portion of “Star Butt,” the old bull-ring at which bulls were baited was found. It is a massive piece of iron, with an eye let into a horizontal square. There are few of the old natives now living in Ryde who can recollect seeing it used in baiting.

Mar 25th 1865: ADVERT – Charles YEATS (late Foreman to Messrs. JOLLIFFE, Builder and Undertaker), Hastings Cottage, Bellevue-road, Ryde, begs most respectfully to inform the Gentry that he has commenced business on his own account at the above address.

Mar 25th 1865: AMUSEMENT – For evening parties, Messrs SYMONDS and Co., 15 Union-street, Ryde, and 39 High-street, Portsmouth, have fitted up, for hire, Stereoscopes, containing 100 Slides, which consist of various views of all parts of the World; also comic groups, &c.