Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1874

Isle of Wight Observer:

Mar 7th 1874:  ENTERTAINMENT – On Thursday afternoon last, an entertainment of dissolving views was given at the Victoria-rooms, for the special amusement of the children of the Sunday schools of the town.  The views exhibited by Mr. W. WOODS, jun., who had succeeded in securing a very powerful set of apparatus which brought out with a clearness and sharpness of outline.  The young people present frequently manifested their delight in the usual old English fashion.

Mar 7th 1874:  TEMPERANCE – On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Mr. Samuel CAPPER, of Manchester, delivered two of his lectures on the temperance question, in the Victoria-rooms.  On each occasion there was a large audience.  The lecturer is a very popular speaker, and on the present occasions he was frequently applauded.  He sang songs at intervals, Mrs. W. WOODS accompanied him on the pianoforte.

Mar 7th 1874:  THE LATE ROYAL WEDDING – In honour of this auspicious Royal wedding, Mr. Thos. TOLLERVEY announces his intention of giving a grand soiree in the Victoria-rooms, on the 23rd inst.

Mar 7th 1874:  LABOURERS’ UNION – A meeting was held in connection with this to form a branch of the union in Ryde and its surrounding villages, at the Temperance-hall, in High-street. The attendance was about 100, composed principally of the labourers of the town.  Mr. ALLINGTON, the delegate, in his remarks was careful to inculcate his strong conviction that the labourers in the town should aid the labourers in the country in agitating for “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s wage.”

Mar 7th 1874:  POST OFFICE ROBBERY AT RYDE – At the Hampshire Assizes Abraham DUNFORD, a printer, who for some months was employed at the Ryde Post-office in the evenings as assistant at the counter, was indicted for stealing a post-letter containing postage stamps of the value of 10s. Prisoner was sentenced to penal servitude for five years.

Mar 14th 1874:  RYDE BOROUGH COUNCIL – The business of the Burial Board was introduced, Mr. ARNOLD reading the report of the Cemetery Committee, which recommended that the following charges should be made for vehicles entering the Cemetery:  1s. for a mourning coach; or hearse; 1s. for all vehicles with two horses; and 6d. for vehicles with one horse.

Mar 14th 1874:  PIER HOTEL PORCH – Alderman JEFFREYS reported upon an interview with Mr. RENDALL in reference to the proposed removal of the Pier hotel porch in Pier-street, and as that gentleman had eventually agreed to accept £60 as compensation, he (the general) proposed that such sum should be given.  This motion was duly seconded.

Mar 14th 1874:  AUCTION – W. H. WALLIS has received instructions to submit to public auction at Yelf’s Hotel on 18 March, the following property of the late Mr. Mark DENHAM:  A Brickyard, situate at Oakfield, near Ryde, held on lease for an unexpired term of 14 years, from August 8, 1872, together with Kilns and Implements.  The property is in an advantageous position, having a right of way through Oakfield, and a siding connecting it with the Isle of Wight Railway.  For further particulars apply to Mr. J. CUTLER, builder, or to Messrs. FARDELL and WOOLDRIDGE, solicitors.

Mar 28th 1874:  NARROW ESCAPE – A few days since, a young woman named MEADER, residing in Hill-street, repaired to a shop of a well-known chemist for the purpose of purchasing a sedlitz powder, but forgetting the name, she obtained a powder of poisonous character, which on her return home, she innocently mixed and drank.  Shortly afterwards she was seized with great pain, and on a neighbour calling on the chemist the mistake was discovered.  Dr. D. BEACON was soon in attendance, and lost no time in administering the usual remedies in such cases, and happily succeeded in bringing her round.