Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1916

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Mar 4th 1916:  COMFORTS – As a result of their recent concert the Ryde Philharmonic Society is sending comforts to the value of £5 to the Isle of Wight Forces serving abroad.

Mar 4th 1916:  ACCIDENTS – Mr Frederick SHOTTER, of Argyll Street, met with an unfortunate accident on Friday by slipping up on the Pier, and fracturing the big bone of his left arm.  On the same day, another well-known townsman, Mr. Percy V. COOMBES, auctioneer and estate agent, met with an accident in the High Street owing to the snowy state of the pavement, and in tripping up dislocated his shoulder joint.

Mar 4th 1916:  PANCAKE DAY, 1916 – In view of the near approach of Shrove Tuesday, the following recipe for pancakes should be useful:— Take half a pound of flour, one teaspoon of Borwick’s Baking Powder and a little salt, mix well in a dry state, add one egg and three-quarters of a pint of milk.  Fry quickly over a brisk fire and serve immediately.

Mar 4th 1916:  MILITARY TRIBUNAL – Edwin Albert SHARPE, piano tuner, asked for three weeks exemption, to allow him to try and sub-let his house and make arrangements for his widowed mother.  Temporary exemption granted for two months.  Frank WHITE, of 48 Surrey Street, in the employ of Mr. W. DORE, who said he was the only one left who had any knowledge of his business, six having joined up. Exemption for three months granted.

Mar 4th 1916:  MARRIAGE – An exceedingly pretty and fashionable wedding was solemnised on Tuesday at Holy Trinity Church, when Miss Judith Armitage EDDIS, the only daughter of the esteemed Vicar of Holy Trinity, the Rev. J. E. EDDIS, R.D., and Mrs. EDDIS was united in marriage to Major Mervyn Officer CLARKE, Royal Fusiliers, son of the late Surgeon–General  J. J. CLARKE and Mrs. CLARKE.

Mar 11th 1916:  STELLA CAROL – By the enterprise of Mr. Terry WOOD, this phenomenal vocalist paid a special visit to the Theatre Royal on Thursday afternoon, supported by other well-known artistes.  There was a fairly large audience who much appreciated the rare musical treat provided for them.

Mar 11th 1916:  PRAISE OF RYDE MEN – Mr. Lawrence DAWSON writing from the Sailors’ Institute, Alexandra, says, this is to thank you for the boxes of books, etc., sent.  The cases for the Isle of Wight Rifles arrived this morning, I am sending them to Captain MARSH, as they have moved to Cairo.  They are a splendid lot of men, the whole lot of them, they not only behaved well, but looked clean and smart.  It is a pleasure to do things for them, I was really proud of them.

Mar 18th 1916:  ISOLATION HOSPITAL – The Medical Officer of Health reported that the Isolation Hospital had done good work during the year.  The Matron, Nurse CROWLEY, left in the Spring to be married and her place was taken by Nurse WHITTY, who has proved a thoroughly efficient matron.  Thirteen cases of scarlet fever and thirteen of diphtheria have been treated there during the year.

Mar 18th 1916:  BUTCHERS’ ASSOCIATION – Alderman E. GROVES has been re-elected vice-president, and Mr. Rowland RUSSELL, hon. treasurer, of the above named organisation.

Mar 18th 1916:  SHOOTING MATCH – A match between the Ryde and Cowes Minature Civilian Rifle Clubs took place, at the range of the former.  Teams were ten a side, the home club won easily by 56 points.

Mar 25th 1916:  MILITARY TRIBUNAL – Mrs DORE, house furnisher, Warwick-street, applied on behalf of her son, stating that he was her only support in the business.  If he were taken she would be forced to close.  The Military authorities considered the reason insufficient and stated that previously two sisters conducted the business with the assistance of the son. Temporary exemption granted for two months.