Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1918

Isle of Wight Observer:

Mar 2nd 1918:  MATRIMONIAL CAUSES ACT – Protest meetings against this act are announced to be held at the Town Hall, Ryde, on Tuesday next at 3 and 8pm.  The meetings have been arranged by the clergy and ministers of the town.  We are asked to say that it is hoped that the citizens of Ryde will unite in strong protest against a proposal which would make matrimony a farce.

Mar 2nd 1918:  SCHOOL OF ART – It was reported at last week’s meeting of the County Education Authority, that Miss E. POORE, of Ryde, had been appointed Assistant Art Teacher at the Ryde School of Art, at a salary of £20 per annum.

Mar 9th 1918:  PERSONAL WAR NOTES – Corpl. C. H. HALSTED, of Melville Street, has arrived home on leave preparatory to entering a Cadet College.  He went to Egypt with the Tank Corps in 1916 and took part in both engagements at Gaza.

Mar 9th 1918:  INVESTED – Mrs. FETHERSTONHAUGH was invested by H.M. the King on Wednesday last with the insignia of a member of the Order of the British Empire, at Buckingham Palace, as Vice-President and organiser of Hazelwood Auxiliary Hospital. more about Mrs Fetherstonhaugh here

Mar 9th 1918:  PROTEST – The protest meetings were crowded, enthusiastic, and practically unanimous.  Mr. A. Clifton KELWAY, of the Marriage Defence Society, an eloquent and polished  speaker, gave a lucid explanation of the proposals and a clear-sighted forecast of the probable results upon family life and the social and moral well-being of the nation.

Mar 16th 1918:   MOTOR COLLISION – As Dr. PRIDMORE was driving his car through Warwick Street into Prince Street on Monday the car came into collision with a light motor trolley belonging to J. S. WHITE & Co., of Cowes, which was going down St. John’s Road.  Both motors were considerably damaged and a man who was seated on the lorry with the driver was slightly injured about the legs.

Mar 16th 1918:  USEFUL WORK – Under the capable direction of their captain, Miss R. M. EATON, the Girl Guides are undertaking gardening, and other useful work in the evenings, and on Saturday afternoons.

Mar 16th 1918:  AMBULANCE WORK – A most interesting lecture was on Saturday afternoon given in the Trinity Hall, by Madame Aubrey le BLOND, on British Ambulance Work in France, the lecture being illustrated by some exceedingly fine lantern slides.

Mar 16th 1918:  BAKER’S WAGES – Demand for conditions as at Cowes.  A special meeting of the Ryde branch of the Amalgamated Union of Operative Bakers and Confectioners was held on Monday evening to consider the reply of the Ryde Master Bakers to the proposals recently submitted on behalf of the men.  A request has been made for the conditions of labour at present prevailing at Cowes—which includes a minimum wage of 43s. for 54 hours, to be put into operation at Ryde.

Mar 16th 1918:  CONSTABLE – Ryde has now a lady special constable.  She is the first and only one in the Island.  Most men would consider it a privilege to be “run in” by as charming an officer.  Probably male delinquents will not, however, have that particular privilege accorded them.

Mar 30th 1918:  WATERPLANE – Some excitement was occasioned on Saturday afternoon by a mishap that befel a waterplane that apparently got into difficulties and came down on the western side of the Pier.  The machine was considerably damaged, but luckily pilot and observer escaped injury.  The machine was taken to pieces on Sunday and taken away.

Mar 30th 1918:  CINEMA – An exceptionally fine exclusive drama in 3 parts entitled “The Enemies,” featuring an all star cast has been screened during the first half of the week.