Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1920

Isle of Wight Observer:

Mar 6th 1920:  THEATRE IMPROVEMENTS – Mr. H. Terry WOOD, the enterprising lessee of the Theatre Royal, has extended the accommodation in the dress circle by removing the operator’s box to the back of the gallery, and besides more seats being available, any inconvenience in the shape of noise will be obviated here as well in the upper part of the building.

Mar 6th 1920:  NEW CLUB – A Ryde lady is opening a club for residents and visitors that will meet with what is generally described as a “long felt want.”  There will be facilities for reading, writing, teas and social intercourse.  It will be known as the “In and Out Club.”

Mar 6th 1920:  VACANT – The York Hotel in George Street which was acquired by the military during the war and since is now vacant and we believe is open to the highest bidder.  It is a free house and if Ryde progresses as she had been doing in the last few years it should be a good opening for someone.

Mar 6th 1920:  CEMETERY – A walk in Ryde Cemetery is by no means to be despised on a fine afternoon, but anyone who had not been there for some time will notice how the ground is being taken up.  Some of the memorials are of a very interesting character and the number of gallant and distinguished officers whose remains are resting there is something the town should feel a pride in.

Mar 13th 1920:  FUEL – If it was true the coal merchant got called over the coals for just overstepping the mark by supplying a poor widow with three sick children with ½ cwt., in excess of her quantity or because she was not registered, the public will be inclined to think it was a rascally piece of business, to say the least.  There are two sides to every question and the Fuel Overseer will not take things lying down.

Mar 13th 1920:  APPLICATION – At the adjourned licensing sessions before the Mayor and other justices, application was made by Mr. PUTTICK, manager of the Pier Hotel, for a music license explaining that it was only required for a small orchestra to play during meals and not for dancing.  The application was granted.

Mar 20th 1920:  NEW HAIRDRESSING SALOON – Mr. HILL has taken over the high-class Gentlemen’s Hairdressing Saloon at 14 Pier Street, which is in charge of a Manager of West End experience, and fitted with all the latest appliances for shaving, shampoo, and haircutting.  Customers can rely upon the best attention at this up-to-date saloon.

Mar 20th 1920:  GOINGS ON – A well-known medico was grandly got-up on St. Patrick’s Day, the only regret was that he did not lead off the first dance at the ball at the town Hall.  The same evening Ryde’s leading butcher was initiated into the mysteries of “Shove Halfpenny,” and hopes to become proficient in the art in the course of a few years.

Mar 20th 1920:  COMMUNICATIONS – Anonymous letters have been floating about Ryde lately.  This is a reprehensible practice and should be condemned from every pulpit.  Unfortunately, it is generally the “goody goody,” individuals who pass their time in this manner.

Mar 27th 1920:  SUMMER TIME – Readers, especially churchgoers, should be reminded that they must put their clocks and watches forward an hour tonight or they will be late for church on Sunday.  And don’t you forget it, for Summer Time is here.

Mar 27th 1920:  NEW ASSOCIATION – The imminent risk of tenants of allotments in and around Ryde having to quit as a result of notices which have been sent out, formed the subject of a meeting which was held at the “Wellington,” Pier Street, on Friday evening. It was only a preliminary meeting.  When the men came home from service and the question of their continuing on their allotments was placed before the Board of Agriculture.