Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1967

Isle of Wight Times:-

Mar 2nd 1967:  THIRD RAIL GOES LIVE – Proving trials of electric trains began on the Island yesterday when the current was switched on over the 8½ miles of new electrified railway between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin.  Seven-coach trains of former London Transport underground stock which has been adapted and refurnished will provide connections with the ferry services between Ryde and Portsmouth.

Mar 9th 1967:  ‘TATTY, TOTTERING GATEWAY’ – Is Ryde Borough Council lacking in ideas in its approach to planning the future of the town as a holiday resort. The same old predictable plans being made for the Esplanade Pavilion, hub of the corporation’s entertainment. Once home of unsuccessful repertory, it is now devoted to old time music hall in the season.

Mar 16th 1967:  UNLUCKY 13 – It was “Black Monday” the unlucky 13th March, for road accidents in the Borough of Ryde.  There were three collisions, in one of which a mini car was wrecked and two women injured.

Mar 16th 1967:  R.A.F. COMPETITION TEAM – Bomber Command has introduced an Armaments Competition to stimulate a wider interest in weapon loading, handling and explosives safety.  A Ryde man is a member of the R.A.F. Cottesmore team which won the Hunting Engineering Trophy. He is Corporal A. H. MILLS, of Great Preston Road.

Mar 16th 1967:  MYSTERY BLAZE – A popular sea front café at Ryde was completely destroyed in a spectacular fire early on Sunday morning.  At 1.37 a.m. some youths spotted trees burning at one end of Puckpool Park.  Two appliances manned by 16 members of the Ryde Fire Brigade rushed to the scene, and found that The Dell café, was at the centre of the blaze.  Despite a thorough investigation, the cause of the outbreak is unknown.

Mar 16th 1967:  PARKING – Ryde is being destroyed as a holiday resort by car parking. Union Street car drivers not only park both sides of the road—they park on the pavement as well.  Mothers with young children and prams are forced to walk in the road.  A few flowering trees planted along our streets might foil this selfish parking.

Mar 16th 1967:  CHAIN LETTERS CAN CAUSE WORRY – These letters may not worry some folk, but for the sake of others, any readers who may receive one—-be charitable, think twice before writing to four others. Put it on the fire where it belongs.

Mar 16th 1967:  HIGH STREET IMPROVEMENT – Redecoration of premises has to be dealt with by everyone sooner or later. An improvement scheme sponsored by the Ryde Professional and Business Men’s Association, which provides each shopkeeper or property owner with detailed specification and colour scheme ready for use when required, has shown much interest.  The area covered is from St. Thomas’ Square to Star Street, and Crown Street, to John Street.

Mar 16th 1967:  SITS WHILE IT SETS – Because vandals keep damaging screeds shuttering where work is in progress at Ryde Canoe Lake children’s paddling pool, it has been necessary for a sea front inspector to remain on watch each evening until cement work hardens.

Mar 16th 1967:  PLAYING IN THE STREET – Our coppers—pardon, policemen, visit schools and give talks on road safety. The children protest they have nowhere else to play. This was reported to the Chief Superintendent and that the unoccupied land at Quarry Road allotments would make an ideal playground.

Mar 23rd 1967:  ARSON SUSPECTED – Another sea front café was destroyed on Sunday in the second mystery fire in successive weekends.  This time the blaze was at the Canoe Lake Café.