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March 1969

Isle of Wight Times:

Mar 6th 1969:  RACES – Motor-cycle races on the beach at Ryde.  That is the suggestion of the I.W. Motor-cycle Club, the town’s Parks and Entertainments Committee was told on Thursday, when they agreed to meet club representatives to consider the idea in detail.  Ald. CAPLE said he did not think they wanted motor-cycles “racing round on their beaches.” Cllr. CAWDELL said that he had seen the sport on other beaches. It was an attractive spectacle and not dangerous.

Mar 6th 1969:  A TOUGH GUY – County Councillor and keep-fit enthusiast, Mr. Arthur GUY, showed Island youngsters how to do it when he took part on Sunday in the I.W. Youth Services annual road race.  A non-competitor, of course (he is 64 years young) Mr. GUY strode over the 14 miles course, starting and finishing at Fairway School, in a time of 3 hours, 28 minutes.  His best in four successive years.

Mar 6th 1969: CENTENARIAN – Mrs. Emma Louise BARTLETT of West Street, Ryde, celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday.  A telegram from the Queen was handed to her by the Deputy Mayor, Ald. Raymond BOURN, at a party at Shaplands Café, Union Street, arranged by her grandchildren.  Mrs. BARTLETT, or “Gran” as she likes to be called, attends Holy Trinity Church and the Darby and Joan Club.

Mar 6th 1969:  SURVEY – As part of a survey which the Services Council is undertaking with the help of local schoolchildren, old folk living in the Oakfield and Elmfield districts will this week receive a letter. In effect “How can we help you?”  With the letter will be a questionnaire seeking suggestions. Many elderly people, especially those living alone, need help but are often too proud to ask for it. Pupils of Bishop Lovett and the County Secondary Schools will deliver the letters, and call to collect them a week later.

Mar 13th 1969:  DOUBLE-DECK – Parking without tears may be achieved by parking with tiers.  It could be the answer to congestion at Ryde’s central car park in George Street.  Although not new, the idea seemed to win more supporters than when it was first voiced last year.  The Borough Surveyor, is to be asked to draw up a plan for “double-decker” parking at the lower end of the car park which is met on two sides by the rear of business premises.

Mar 13th 1969:  BAPTIST FESTIVAL – The 21st Island Baptist Festival opened at Ryde Baptist Church on Saturday.  All the handicrafts and art sections of this competitive annual event were held at Ryde for the first time. Ryde members gained six of the 15 cups presented on Saturday and shared a further two with Sandown and Colwell.

Mar 13th 1969:  FAMILIAR LINES – When the first outbreak of “yellow peril” as it was christened—when a spate of double yellow no-parking lines—hit Ryde a few years ago, residents of the lower High Street sent a petition to the council, pleading with them to remove the restriction. This was duly done.  The residents are still not happy. Now they feel the answer to their problems would be the provision of double yellow lines in lower High Street.

Mar 20th 1969:  MOTHER’S DAY – The Sunday School of Elmfield Congregational Church held a special Mother’s Day service on Sunday afternoon, conducted by Mrs. B. SHACKLETON, who was also the speaker.  There was a good attendance of parents and friends. Children were given posies of flowers to present to their parents.

Mar 20th 1969:  DIVERSION – A diversion route junction being used by heavy traffic while the St. John’s Road Bridge at Ryde is under repair caved in early yesterday.  The sewer pipe running beneath the corner of Monkton Street and Park Road collapsed, opening a six-foot deep hole in the highway. How long the repairs will take is uncertain; much could depend on the weather.

Mar 20th 1969:  CHURCH TOWER GIFT – Everything is ready for Ryde Borough Council to accept the gift of the old St. Helens Church tower—an acceptance which has been in doubt for some months.