Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 1970

Isle of Wight Times:

Mar 5th 1970:  REFUGEE CHILDREN – Members of eight Ryde families waited anxiously at the pierhead on Tuesday for the arrival of refugee children from Dortmund, Germany, who are staying with them for the next two months.  Mayfield and Swanmore Schools have taken a great interest in the I.H.C. scheme to provide these worthwhile holidays for less fortunate boys and girls.

Mar 5th 1970:  A SERVICE – Providing a mini-bus service for the elderly and sick on a voluntary basis is involving Ryde Division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in a heavy financial loss.  Since December 1968 the vehicle has travelled thousands of miles and carried hundreds of people between Ryde and the St. Mary’s, Whitecroft and Fairlee hospitals.

Mar 5th 1970:  A COMPLEX – Some car salesmen have such a superior air that it can give the customer of modest means a bit of an inferiority complex.  How nice if you could afford the very best, say that gleaming model in the showroom that you have been admiring.

Mar 5th 1970:  WARNING – If some Ryde taxi drivers continue to flout the regulations under which their licences are issued by the Borough Council they may find themselves prosecuted. An instance where a man engaged a driver to take him on a short journey, then a couple appeared who enquired about a longer trip.  The taximan accepted the second fare and told the first customer he would have to find other transport.

Mar 12th 1970:  SNOW HALTS TRAINS – The Island’s first measurable snowfall of the winter during Sunday night halted electric trains on the Ryde-Shanklin line next morning.  Emergency bus services were provided to get children to school when the first three trains in each direction were unable to run.

Mar 12th 1970:  COMPLETION – Although efforts to raise the cost of a badly-needed hall for St. John’s Church, Oakfield, Ryde, have stretched finances, the building should be complete within three months.

Mar 12th 1970:  PLAYGROUND – Bishop Lovett school children scattered as a 60ft. tree beside the playground toppled at the height of Wednesday’s gales.  It happened at about 4p.m. as they were streaming from the classrooms.  The tree demolished a 30ft. section of wall which was recently repaired after a car hit it.

Mar 12th 1970:  LAND AUCTION – Eleven acres accommodation land off Weeks Road, Swanmore, were sold by auction by Sir Francis PITTIS and Son on Friday for £5,300.

Mar 19th 1970:  FASHIONS GALORE – Mini, Midi, and Maxi are all included in the fashion show this year staged by PACK and CULLIFORD at Ryde Town Hall.  Two performances were scheduled for yesterday and a further two for this afternoon and evening.  From the briefest bikinis to exquisite ball gowns and fabulous furs, there are fashions to suit every taste and pocket.

Mar 19th 1970:  VISITING ‘BIG FRY’ – At the invitation of the directors of Messrs. J. S. FRY and Sons, chocolate manufacturers, Bristol, 103 members and friends of the I.W. Grocer’s Association visited Fry’s modern and extensive factory on Wednesday. After the tour, each member was presented with a box of chocolates before being entertained to tea.

Mar 19th 1970:  RE-BUILDING – A tentative date—February 20, 1971—has been fixed for the re-dedication of Binstead Parish Church.  Members visited MOREY’s workshop on Saturday to see the actual assembly of the hammer beams for the roof.  Plans of the entire re-building scheme were on view.

Mar 26th 1970:  THIRD TIME LUCKY – Raiders made three determined attempts before succeeding in a drugs burglary at a Ryde chemist’s on Sunday night.  After a previous raid, Boots The Chemist’s in the High Street, had window entrances off the main street safeguarded by steel bars.  About £40 in toiletries was taken in addition to the drugs.