Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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May 1872

Hampshire Advertiser: – Agents the Misses GIBBS, Royal Marine Library, Union-street, Ryde

May 1st 1872:  TRINITY CHURCH – The proceeds of the late concert for the organ chamber of Holy Trinity Church, after all the expenses were paid, amounted to £28. 3s. 3d. besides a subscription of £1, kindly sent by the Rev. Alex, POOLE.

May 1st 1872:  SCHOOL OF ART – The examination of the students of the Ryde School of Art took place on Thursday evening at the Townhall, by the president and several members of the committee.  The result will, it is expected, be known in the course of the present week.

May 8th 1872:  STEAM ACCOMMODATION FROM THE MAINLAND – We have now commencing with the present month over fifty arrivals and departures of passenger steamers at the Pier daily, and this will continue for the next five or six months.  The special excursions have not commenced yet.

May 8th 1872:  THE FREE BATHING STAGE – This great public accommodation, it is understood, will be opened on Monday next.  The necessary repairs are now being made, and Mr. HARRIS, who has been bathing master since the stage was first opened, has been re-appointed.

May 8th 1872:  I.W. RAILWAY COMPANY – Mr. E. PRITCHARD of Sandown, has succeeded in landing a fine new engine, which is called the “Wroxall.”  It was successfully landed at Brading Quay, an operation which reflects great credit upon Mr. PRITCHARD’s judgment and care, as the engine was brought over on its own wheels, and was ready for steaming on being landed.  A number of waggons for the company were landed at the same time.  This is the fifth engine that has been brought here without accident.

May 15th 1872:  FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – Lieutenant-General and Mrs. BEECHER and family have removed from Saxonbury Lodge to Yarborough Villa, Pelham Field;  Mr. Edmund C. MARRIOTT has taken Wellington Lodge for six months;  Mr. and Mrs. Oswald BLOXSOME have arrived at the Grove, St. John’s Park.

May 18th 1872:  VERTEBRATE ANIMALS OF THE I.W. – The last of the series of these highly interesting lectures was delivered by the Rev. A. BURY, at the Philosophical Society’s Rooms, on Wednesday afternoon, to a numerous audience.

May 22nd 1872:  PROPOSED ENLARGEMENT OF CEMETERY – A meeting of the Burial Board was held on Friday evening, when the above subject was discussed at considerable length.  The prevailing opinion is that it would be better to allow the matter to rest for a few years and then get land at some little distance from the town rather than pay an extravagant rate for the enlargement of the present cemetery.

May 22nd 1872:  ACCIDENT – On Monday morning an accident occurred in the act of landing horses at the slipway.  It appears that some horses belonging to Mr. GASSIOTT, of St. John’s house, were being landed, when they became restive, and the coachman in attempting to quiet the animals accidentally fell, when one of them either kicked or trod upon his hand, and completely severed his thumb.  The sufferer was conveyed to the Infirmary.  It was feared that lockjaw would ensue, but there is every prospect of his recovery.

May 25th 1872:  GEORGE STREET CHAPEL – It has been a matter of surprise for a long time this place of worship, which was burnt down nearly two years ago, has been so long in course of erection.  It is, however, now nearly finished, but an unfortunate dispute has arisen between Mr. SMITH, the contractor, and the trustees.  The former, it seems, demands something like £1500 for extras, which is disputed by the trustees.

May 29th 1872:  NEW PARISH CHURCH – Some months ago the members of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club proposed erecting a porch to the new church in memory of H.R.H. the Late Prince Consort, who laid the foundation stone of the club.  The porch is intended to be a very handsome one, and designs by Mr. Gilbert SCOTT, R.A., will shortly be submitted to Her Majesty for approbation.  A number of subscriptions have been promised, but £300 more is required.  There will, however, be no difficulty about that now that the yachting season is so near.